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Your Monthly Horoscope for January 2017
 by Victoria Fugit 

Weather forecasting and astrology have a lot in common. They both deal with the study and interpretation of energy patterns and cycles. The other thing we have in common is that we both get it wrong, sometimes. I, and the majority of other astrologers, got the election results wrong – sort of. We said that Donald Trump would not win the election. This is a case of GIGO- garbage in garbage out. I asked the wrong question. I should have learned my lesson with the Bush / Gore election, in which I made the same mistake. The question should NOT have been ‘who will win the election?”, but rather “who will be the next President?”. Big difference.

I apologize to you, my readers, and most humbly ask you for your forgiveness. Many times our assumptions can skew the data. In the future I promise to stick to the astrological data as much as possible and leave most assumptions to political pundits.

The energies of the first quarter of the 2017 New Year are colored by the Winter Solstice of 2016. Saturn is the rising planet in the first house, trine Uranus in the 4th and sextile Jupiter in the 10th. This signifies cautious expansion and elimination of obligations or duties that are not realistic. It also represents a strong desire to be rid of restrictions and need to let go of things as they have always been. The danger is that what is worthwhile can be overthrown along with the useless.

Uranus in the 4th house can cause the deepest and most internal aspects of life to be no longer reliable or unchanging. This applies only to those aspects of life that are no longer alive and vital but rigid and stagnated. This can be a very uncomfortable time, but ultimately breaking free of old enslaving patterns and habits will bring greater freedom than could have been in the old situation. The good news is that Saturn and Uranus have agreed to work together for the next eleven months and will bring innovation in technology, thought, awareness, understanding and consciousness.

Retrograde Mercury is conjunct Pluto in the 2nd house of money and resources. The energy of this aspect favors research or investigation especially into that which is hidden or secret -- the concern for truth is deep. Since it occurs in the second house it is most concerned about values, security, and the material world. It may include a breakdown phase in the financial picture and our attitudes toward it. Holding to the status quo only delays the beginning of a new and healthier phase.

Altogether the first quarter of 2017 begins a new era of innovation, personal responsibility, flexibility and forward movement in the wake of irreversible changes in understanding, beliefs and major changes in the deeper structures of our lives that have gone unexamined, we have taken for granted as true and that in many ways have kept us from claiming our power.
Happy New Year.
Aries Astrological Symbol
Aries – If your birthday is between the 9th and the 12th of April, you may be feeling like breaking away from restrictions of responsibilities you feel are unnecessary. Be careful not to throw away the good with the useless. Aries also has a trine this month with Jupiter, expanding your sense of ambition and self-worth. You grasp new ideas quickly and good luck seems to be smiling on all your endeavors.

Taurus Astrological Symbol
Taurus – Your normally easy going nature could be stretched by the trine your Sun makes to Mercury, Sun and Pluto, a very intense trio, causing you to become even more stubborn than usual in holding to old ideas, structures or beliefs. Mars and Neptune sextile your Sun could also cause you to be aggressively certain about things that aren’t necessarily so. Revisit the reality you are arguing for and ask what would happen if you were more flexible and open to other viewpoints.
Gemini Astrological Sy
Gemini – Avoid legal entanglements and make sure you have all the facts before creating waves in your career. Saturn can stabilize partnerships. If, however, you have avoided self- reflection and the fulfillment of your true inner needs, close relationships can seem stifling and your favorite song could become “There Must Be Fifty ways To Leave Your Lover”.

Cancer Astrological Symbol
Cancer – The last few years have brought an unusual number of challenges. You may have noticed, however, that you are becoming more capable of handling them gracefully and are releasing victimhood and replacing it with greater confidence and courage. Don’t allow someone to play to your idealism to talk you into something you feel uncomfortable with.
Leo Astrological Sign
Leo – You may have a need for the freedom to express a deeper part of yourself in new ways. Clarity and an appreciation for the diversity in others can result if the communication stems from your authentic self and is not used to control or manipulate. Pay attention to teeth, bones, and connective tissue. Don’t ignore small injuries.
Virgo Astrological Symbol
Virgo – Mars and Neptune in opposition to your Sun can cause you to feel like you’re trying to go in two opposing directions at once. This can be tiring and frustrating and with this aspect the best way to handle it is to go inward and let go of the external complications that may be draining your energy. Finances could seem good for you now, but be careful not to overextend since both Uranus and Pluto are in the financial mix right now.

libra Astrological Symbol
Libra – Your powers of persuasion are significant this month. Make sure it’s persuasion and not manipulation. Check your motives. If you are considering any construction on your home, wait until Mercury goes direct on the 9th. Family patterns that may be hindering or keeping you from your full potential may come up this month. Be compassionate – everyone truly tries to do their best with what they have. That includes awareness.

Scorpio Astrological Sign
Scorpio – The planets are lining up in your favor this month and by the New Moon on the 12th you might feel like starting new projects which require stretching your creativity. Two cautions – make sure the object of your affections is what you think it, he/she is and be prepared for secrets to come out in the open unexpectedly.They could be about finances or home and family agendas.
Sagittarius Astrological Sign
Sagittarius – New Moon in Capricorn on the 12th could bring welcome financial relief and a good bit of creativity and playfulness. The many planets in your house of creativity focus on love, children, creativity and the arts. The Full Moon in Aquarius emphasizes communication, technology and the outer planets bring opportunities to use your many skills.
Capricorn Astrological Symbol
Capricorn – If you were born in early Capricorn you have now passed through the worst of the Uranus /Pluto square and undoubtedly are stronger and wiser for it. Birthdays from the 6th to the 11th, however are just getting to play with these energies and those born toward the end of Capricorn have yet to feel the impact. If you are not in the middle of this aspect, things should be going reasonably well for you. If you are experiencing the power of this mighty duo, however, remember that the gift of this experience is to discover our soul essence and grow wise in the fact that we can die to old ways of living, beliefs, relationships – be utterly disillusioned, – and rise like the mythical Phoenix from the flames. The transformation is total, and from the inside out.

Aquarius Astrological Symbol
Aquarius – The biggest problem you may have this month is a case of foot in mouth disease around your friends. There is a strong tendency to state opinion as fact –adamantly. Other than that the outer planets seem to be opening opportunities for you to try new ideas, beliefs and behaviors on for size. Don’t grab onto anything too tightly until February. Enjoy writing new and multiple scripts for the New Year.

Pisces Astrological Symbol
Pisces – With Venus, Mars and Neptune all in your first house in Pisces this month, this could be a great month for love, romance, creative projects, playing with fantasy (don’t get caught) and generally enjoying what Pisces loves most – far away mind journeys to strange and far-off places. Your workload may increase and there may be some unexpected strife at work, but your easy- going nature can smooth things over if you don’t take things personally.

About Victoria: The passion I have for Astrology began when I was twenty-four. I had been traveling in Europe for months and was becoming more and more curious about the letters my mom was sending me. They were waiting for me in each city or town I went to and it was as if she had a spy following me. She seemed to know my every move. Then she started to give me advice about what was coming up and what to watch out for. Coming home, I was horrified to learn that both she and my dad (LT. Colonel in the Air Force) were involved in Astrology. I asked them how two well-educated and intelligent people could possibly believe a superstitious myth that was so lacking in any proof of its claims. My dad said he had no belief in it. It worked, so he used it, much like electricity – we don’t believe in it, don’t know exactly how it works, but are happy to turn on the lights with it.

So I set out to prove that they were deluded. After three years of study in San Francisco and taking a correspondence course from a school in England, I apologized.
Astrology has been part of my life ever since and has led to my involvement with researchers and teachers in the human potential movement, such as Jean Houston (Institute for Mind Research), Werner Erhardt (EST), Elmer Green (Duke University), Joe Kamiya (early researcher in bio-feedback), Swami Rama (Himalayan Institute) and others.

Sun sign astrology obviously doesn’t give the depth of knowledge available in a full reading. Each chart is unique, like snowflakes. But it’s fun and entertaining. Hope you get both from this column. You can get in touch with Victoria at 435-259-9417 or



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