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Your Monthly Horoscope for October 2016
 by Victoria Fugit 

October is a great month for being open to transformational information, which is perhaps challenging to present beliefs. Letting go, clearing, clearing, clearing of self-judgment, judgment of others as well as situations and events. Observation and trust are important elements for maintaining balance this month.

Pluto went direct on Sep 26. However, it will be at the same degree -14° Capricorn 56’ until Oct 6. Mercury went direct on Sep 22 at 15° Virgo, in a beneficial trine to Pluto. If you were born January 5-7, April 3-5, July 6-8 or October 7-9, this can be a transformative time in your life. Ideas, communications, or new information in general may have a profound effect on your future beliefs and self-concept. This is true to a lesser extent if you have your Moon, Ascendant or a ruling planet affected by the 15th degree of Capricorn.

There is a certain sense of stability this month if you maintain alignment with your authentic self, soul and heart. If you feel confused or unstable, check your alignment with Self or Soul and listen to what your heart and soul may be trying to tell you. What ,within you, may need to be healed, transformed, released, balanced, etc? You know how bumpy the road can seem if you’re out of alignment.

On the larger stage of our country’s drama, the square of Saturn to Neptune completed in September, but the effects are still with us. The earlier focus of this aspect was the dissolution of stable structure, tradition and power, the other side we started to see in August and September. It will continue through November with light being shed on illusion and delusion (both internal and external) and the revelation of secrets, scandals, graft, corruption. Jupiter moving into Libra in September began removing its support from Plutonian energies and by the end of this month will combine its power with the energies of Saturn, bringing a certain idealism and balance to new structures.

The full Moon is October 15 and the 2 or 3 days leading up to it and just after it seem a bit dicey. The Sun is conjunct Mercury (more communications than usual, with a touch of self-righteousness); the Moon in opposition and conjunct Uranus (impulsiveness, rash action, unexpected emotional outbursts) and all this square the conjunction of Mars with Pluto (extreme, intense reactions, violence, destruction, upheaval). This is a very intense few days for everyone, including the Earth. This could result in earthquakes, storms, explosions, etc., similar to what occurred in September.

When dealing with the unique and sometimes contradicting energies over the next few months (as I suggested earlier), it might be well to suspend judgment like the farmer in the following story. A farmer was tending his fields when a beautiful strong horse wandered on to his land. Since no one claimed the horse, the farmer kept it. His neighbors admired his good luck, saying what a lucky man he was to have such an animal. To which the farmer replied, ”Maybe.” One day the farmer’s son, while riding the horse, fell off and broke his leg. His neighbors then commiserated with him saying what bad luck it was that his son had a broken leg. To which the farmer replied, “Maybe.” A few weeks later, the army came to the farmer’s house to take his son to war with them, but they had to leave him, as he had a broken leg……

Aries Astrological Symbol
Aries – The New Moon, along with Jupiter, falls in your 7th house of marriage and partnership and Venus is in your 8th house of intimacy. This could be a loving romantic time for you and your partner. Take the time to enjoy it. The Full Moon falls from your 1st house to the 7th and you may have some emotional or temperamental ups and downs in the area of career or work. Stay cool, the intensity passes in a few days and you may discover new information that puts it all into a different perspective.
Taurus Astrological Symbol
Taurus – Although this is not necessarily a good month for long distance travel it is a great month for investigative or research related work. Your work and health benefit from Jupiter in the 6th house and seem to run more smoothly during the first half of the month. Romantic encounters could be mentally and emotionally intense resulting in new, more mature attitudes about love. Around the 15th, don’t let past emotional upsets make you less aware and therefore more accident prone. If possible, leave the past in the past.
Gemini Astrological Sy
Gemini – This month’s aspects support you in expressing you creativity, spending more time with your children or young people or just generally taking pleasure in life. This time is especially good if you’re involved in any of the arts. Avoid any legal entanglements – they could be explosive. Saturn opposed to your Sun can lower your energy. Pay attention to the messages from your body – eat, rest, work and play when the signals are clear. Don’t push yourself to go beyond your limits.

Cancer Astrological Symbol
Cancer – Home is where your heart is the first half of the month. You seem quite content to putter, read a good book or pursue creative projects. The Full Moon, however, may bring dissension, misunderstandings or hurt feelings around partnerships or career. Career or how you express yourself in the world may be subject to unexpected emotional events that shake up your world and possibly change the direction of your expected and time-worn path. Just remember the only difference between a rut and the grave is the depth. Change can be good.
Leo Astrological Sign
Leo – The New Moon plus Jupiter in you 3rd house bring a sense of optimism and newness to life this month. Greater closeness to siblings, neighbors and friends warms and brightens your life. Watch your health especially around any issues involving bones or teeth. When at work or working outdoors pay attention to what’s going on around you. Near the time of the Full Moon you may be slightly accident prone in those areas of your life.
Virgo Astrological Symbol
Virgo – Don’t take risks with money this month and don’t take it for granted. The Full Moon falls across your two money houses – the 2nd and the 8th. There is a suggestion of problems or intense emotional communications with children this month involving money and you may come out on the short end of it. Short trips are more beneficial this month as long ones will tend to exhaust you.

libra Astrological Symbol
Libra – Jupiter and the New Moon fall in your 1st house and Venus in your 2nd house of money and material manifestation, so the first part of the month moves along quite smoothly. Jupiter in your first house promises expansion of your self-confidence and a new sense of awareness about your abilities. The Full Moon can create tension with partners or your home life. Power struggles can arise if you shut down communication.
Scorpio Astrological Sign
Scorpio – Venus in your 1st house in harmonious aspect to Pluto and Mars in your 3rd house of communication gives you more magnetism and charisma than usual this month. Don’t let opportunities for making a difference in your world go by. You can be charmingly persuasive, yet powerful in expressing your vision or ideas or in taking the lead to create positive outcomes for the any groups you are affiliated with.
Sagittarius Astrological Sign
Sagittarius – Sagittarius – This month may see you experiencing fatigue one minute, then suddenly a burst of energy that is unfocused, so that you start projects you didn’t intend to start and leave unfinished those that you have promised yourself to complete. In the end, however, everything gets accomplished, with just a dash of chaos, to keep you on your toes. Romance or creative endeavors can be expensive this month – don’t go overboard, especially around the time of the Full Moon.
Capricorn Astrological Symbol
Capricorn – This could be a great month for moving ahead in career, making innovative changes in your home or discovering greater understanding of yourself, your motivations and the real power within you. If you project anger or confusion onto others, however, you could start a regrettable situation. Remember that others also are on their own inner journeys and are mostly doing their best. Relax and don’t push the river.

Aquarius Astrological Symbol
Aquarius –Your spiritual beliefs or philosophical concepts of life could be stretched to breaking – to be replaced by a bigger view and greater vision of your life. Beliefs are like rungs on a ladder – useful only for climbing higher to the next set of beliefs. Reality has a grand way of shifting when you least expect it and opening the door to long- held dreams or desires.

Pisces Astrological Symbol
Pisces – This is not a good month for you to sign contracts or other legal documents. Avoid lending or borrowing money – sudden changes in circumstances could upset your financial applecart if you over extend your resources. Friendships or social gatherings can get a little intense. Try not to take any challenges you perceive as being aimed at you personally. When the smoke clears the likelihood is that the whole situation is a mixed up communication.

About Victoria: The passion I have for Astrology began when I was twenty-four. I had been traveling in Europe for months and was becoming more and more curious about the letters my mom was sending me. They were waiting for me in each city or town I went to and it was as if she had a spy following me. She seemed to know my every move. Then she started to give me advice about what was coming up and what to watch out for. Coming home, I was horrified to learn that both she and my dad (LT. Colonel in the Air Force) were involved in Astrology. I asked them how two well-educated and intelligent people could possibly believe a superstitious myth that was so lacking in any proof of its claims. My dad said he had no belief in it. It worked, so he used it, much like electricity – we don’t believe in it, don’t know exactly how it works, but are happy to turn on the lights with it.

So I set out to prove that they were deluded. After three years of study in San Francisco and taking a correspondence course from a school in England, I apologized.
Astrology has been part of my life ever since and has led to my involvement with researchers and teachers in the human potential movement, such as Jean Houston (Institute for Mind Research), Werner Erhardt (EST), Elmer Green (Duke University), Joe Kamiya (early researcher in bio-feedback), Swami Rama (Himalayan Institute) and others.

Sun sign astrology obviously doesn’t give the depth of knowledge available in a full reading. Each chart is unique, like snowflakes. But it’s fun and entertaining. Hope you get both from this column. You can get in touch with Victoria at 435-259-9417 or

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