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Caffeine HAPPENINGS April 2017

Coffee with Panache
at Dave’s Corner Market

At the corner of Mill Creek Drive, Dave’s Corner Market has been a mainstay of Moab life for more than 25 years. A favorite stop for coffee for both locals and visitors, Dave’s offers the best cup in town, featuring Panache Specialty Coffee.

Panache® has provided specialty coffees for almost 20 years. Panache was one of the first specialty coffee brands in the Pacific Northwest, considered to be the epicenter of America’s coffee renaissance. Panache is now found at smaller, quality-oriented coffeehouses and coffee service locations nationwide.

Panache roasts coffee by hand (sans computers) with utmost care and attention to ensure each roast’s nuances are fully developed. Panache uses artisan-run, gas-fired drum roasters to ensure that the coffees’ best qualities are augmented. State-of-the-art packaging ensures that the freshest possible product makes it to the brewer or espresso machine, and then to your cup.

Panache coffees are produced as sustainably as possible, from their beginnings on the tree, through processing roasting, and delivery to where it is finally ground and brewed. The company’s heritage includes forward-thinking environmentally sound programs and their LEED® Silver certified roastery. It all adds up to better coffee that’s better for the planet, and better for your bottom line.

Quality specialty coffees are the trademark of Panache, including classic single-origins, rare estates, organics, balanced blends, unique seasonal offerings, popular flavored coffees, exceptional dark roasts, and a wide variety of professional espressos.

Dave’s Corner Market sells more than 70 different variety of beans that may be ground in the store or taken home. The store also always has four different varieties brewed available, always including decaf. Four of their most popular options are:
Portland Blend

A bridging of multiple roast levels and growing regions represents the diversity and spirit of the city where this blend was created. A full-bodied, earthy nuttiness finishes with the sweet, mellow quality of a refreshing dessert.

Black Magic Blend
All major growing regions rendezvous in a spicy but harmonious blend of dark roasted coffees adds strength, depth and intensity to this “magical” blend.

Kona Blend
Pure Kona coffee couples with a similarly mild-profiled Latin American coffee for a mellow taste of nuts and citrus that culminates in a clean, chocolate finish.

Earth Blend
Panache’s Earth Blend is Organic and Certified Fair Trade. Light and dark roasts of South American coffees and a dark roasted Indonesian coffee combine to unleash the bright, bold flavors of spicy celery and toasted nuts, culminating in a long, sweet finish.

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