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Moab UT (at City Hall)
38O34’ N Latitude
109O33’ W Longitude
4048 ft - 1234 m

Outdoor Lighting Retrofit Assistance Program
by Debbie Testa

(The time of sunrise and sunset assumes a flat horizon. Actual time may vary depending upon the landscape.)

In support of preserving our dark skies, The Friends of Arches and Canyonlands Park’s Moab Dark Skies Group, created the Outdoor Lighting Retrofit Assistance Program. Additional financial support has also been received from UCAIR to assist resident efforts in switching to compliant shielded lighting. This program provides $200.00 in financial help to full-time Moab City and Grand County residents so that they may acquire code-compliant exterior lighting fixtures and bulbs for their homes! You must meet the following criteria to receive assistance:

1- Be a full time Moab City or Grand County resident
2- Live in the home where fixtures will be installed
3- Be responsible for installing fixtures.
Simply apply online, once your application is received and approved, you will be reimbursed up to $200.00 towards your purchase of code-compliant exterior light fixtures and bulbs! APPLY TODAY! Only a limited amount of funds is currently available. Switching to compliant shielded lighting is good for all of us. By committing to better lighting, you are contributing to a better quality of life in Moab and Grand County.

The dark skies of Moab and surrounding region are a valuable and rare resource. To protect and preserve our dark skies, the local community recognized certain actions could be taken to help encourage responsible lighting and decrease light pollution. With support from The Friends of Arches and Canyonlands Parks, Moab Dark Skies and the National Park Service, the City of Moab and Grand County updated their residential and business outdoor lighting standards in 2019. The lighting code was researched and rewritten to encourage lighting practices that will minimize light pollution, glare, light overflow and sky glow in Moab and the region without compromising your safety and safety of others. This important step to encourage responsible lighting will reduce light pollution without compromising safety, bringing the beauty of night skies closer to home and accessible to all. Better lighting will help Moab maintain its rural character and be a more enjoyable place to live!

Apply online or download an application at:

Learn more about the new lighting standards at:

What are code compliant light fixtures and light bulbs? Fully shielded and pointing downward directed lighting
Be Neighbor Friendly

If you have any additional questions, you can always contact the appropriate local govt. entities at:
City of Moab Planning Department 435-259-5129
Grand County Planning Department 435-259-1343


Apr 1 - New Moon at 12:24 am
Apr 9 - First Quarter 12:47 am
Apr 16 - Full Moon at 12:55 pm
Apr 23 - Third Quarter at 5:56 am
Apr 27 - New Moon 2:17 am

Moab Dark Skies mission is to promote the appreciation and conservation of Moab’s valuable and rare dark skies. Moab Dark Skies was established by the Friends of Arches and Canyonlands Parks in conjunction with the National Park Service and Utah State Parks Division of Natural Resources

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