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Motorized HAPPENINGS November 2017

Metal Masher

A major trail goal is Arth’s Rim, which overlooks Highway 191 about 1300 feet below. The route first angles up the sloping part of the cliff to a gap in the rim rock. It follows Little Canyon partway into the mesa to resume the climb along the more gentle slope of the tilting rock strata. Much of the trail is routine four-wheeling, but the approach to the rim through Mirror Gulch is difficult and threatens sheet metal. Later in the trip Widowmaker Hill has become so extreme your leader will take a roundabout bypass to the top. Approximate mileages: 66 total, 46 off pavement.

The road portion on the slope beneath Arth’s Rim climbs to increasingly fine views of Arches National Park, Moab Valley, and the La Sal Mountains. That is just a warm-up for the view from the perch at the top. Little Canyon has beautiful vertical walls, and a few arches may be spotted by alert riders. The Gooney Bird Rock is interesting to see; the route goes right under it.

This trail varies from easy dirt to some tall sandstone ledges, with some relatively level slickrock and sand mixed in.

Trail Details
The slickrock slopes leading the way to Arth’s Rim have one step that may warm up some tires. Near the rim the trail passes “Rock Chucker”, once the way to go but now used as a playground. “Mirror Gulch” signals the start of the final .3 mile to the rim. There are a series of ledges, shelves, and a switchback in this short distance to challenge both driver and vehicle. The view from the rim is a highlight all by itself.

Trail consists of rock, sand and considerable slickrock with many steps exceeding 48”. Steep inclines and declines are prevalent. Enhanced off road equipment is required including locking devices (front & rear), 35” tires, maximum vehicle ground clearance, and tow hooks. A winch is desirable. Excellent driving skills are required. Vehicle mechanical or body damage is likely.
Roll over possibilities exist.

Trail Difficulty Ratings are for Moab area roads in dry conditions. The effects of snow or rain varies greatly depending upon the altitude of the roads and the type of soil.

NOTE: The Red Rock 4 Wheelers Club attempts to keep the trail ratings current. However weather and usage constantly alters the routes. Heavy but localized rains can change Kane Creek from a moderate trail to impassable in an afternoon. It is always wise to obtain the most up-to-date information prior to departing for a trip, and be prepared. Remember, turning back is usually an option as well.

For more information see the Red Rock 4-Wheeler website,, where the entire Easter Jeep Safari magazine is online.

The Moto Mayhem Story
Family-Friendly Dirt Bike Racing November 11 & 12

My eyes squint from the bright sun, a breeze rushes over my face just as I put my helmet on. I secure the straps and start my bike. I don’t know what’s louder, my heart pounding or the roar of the dirt bikes! As my fellow competitors and I eagerly anticipate the start of the race, I focus on a strong race and really having fun. Dirt Bike Racing is exciting on so many levels! As a kid, these were the family, fun-filled memories and weekend days that fueled my passion to do more, and as an adult, it’s these cumulative memories that drive me to bring the opportunity of motorcycle and off-road racing to other kids and families throughout Colorado and for the first time to Moab, Utah on November 11-12. This event takes place at the Old Spanish Trail Arena, 3641 S. Hwy 191 starting at 8am. General Admission: $10 for ages 12-112yrs/ $5 for ages 6-11yrs/ 5 and under free.

As a father of two young boys, it has been a dream to create a weekend activity and event that is family-orientated, community-driven with an underlying mission to teach and instill basic values of community, leadership, and sportsmanship. After many conversations, dreams and plans, 2014 proved to be the beginning of something not only the community, but also local, and family-owned businesses and sponsors would look forward to.

October 2014 was first race Moto Mayhem put on and indeed the beginning of something incredibly special. It was the perfect intertwining of the community and off-road racing!

Moto Mayhem was created with the sole intention of bringing an affordable, family-orientated, “Enduro-X” style racing series to the community in which we thrived. I believe as racing parents; we are directly responsible for the next generation of caring and respectful children and racers. It is my passion to help as many kids as possible share the experiences of dirt bikes and racing. I also strongly believe that when a child is shown how a caring, community-driven group of people interacts with one another, they are more likely to become a productive part of the same and other communities.

We hope that our story ignites a passion within you, so you too can experience the fun-filled, family-orientated weekend Enduro-X off-road racing Moto Mayhem has to offer! 

Contact Jason at 970-596-0256 for information on participating. See you at the races!
Please be sure to mention that you read about Moto Mayhem in the Moab Happenings.
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