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Motorized HAPPENINGS Novembre 2018

Hells Revenge - Trail Rating 6

Our premier slickrock trail lies northeast of town between the Sand Flats Road and the river. There are long stretches of slickrock where the 4WD trail has been marked. The most difficult obstacles are out of the stock-vehicle class, but those can be bypassed. There are steep climbs and descents and some edges that are not for the faint of heart. The steep slopes, however, are not technically difficult because of the excellent traction on sandstone. In a few places, the trail crosses the now-famous “Slickrock Bike Trail,” a motorcycle and mountain-bike trail. Approximate mileages: 16 total, 12 off highway.

The large vistas sweep full circle from the La Sal Mountains through Arches National Park to the cliff rims that overlook Moab Valley. The nearby country is an amazing stretch of bare sandstone with clefts and canyons, including the Colorado River canyon.

In addition to the slickrock, there are rock ledges, broken rock, sand, and a little blow sand.

Trail Details
The first ascent offers an immediate challenge to first, get onto it, and then to overcome nervousness about the drops on both sides. The major slickrock area includes steep climbs, sharp turns, and a hair raising descent along a steep ridge with little room for error left or right. Names like “Tip Over Challenge” and “Rubble Trouble” offer an insight into challenges offered in the later portions of the trail.

Trail Difficulty Ratings are for Moab area roads in dry conditions. The effects of snow or rain varies greatly depending upon the altitude of the roads and the type of soil.
NOTE: The Red Rock 4 Wheelers Club attempts to keep the trail ratings current. However weather and usage constantly alters the routes. Heavy but localized rains can change Kane Creek from a moderate trail to impassable in an afternoon. It is always wise to obtain the most up-to-date information prior to departing for a trip, and be prepared. Remember, turning back is usually an option as well.
For more information see the Red Rock 4-Wheeler website,, where the entire Easter Jeep Safari magazine is online.
Trails are difficult with considerable erosion damage, loose rocks, dirt, and slickrock. Water in excess of 12” is possible with mud conditions. Steps not exceeding 36”. 4WD, tall tires (33” plus) with two traction adding devices (lockers, limited slips) are required. A winch would be a plus. Enhanced suspension travel and good ground clearance are a required. Excellent driving skills are recommended.

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