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Motorized HAPPENINGS July 2019

Beat the Traffic at Canyonlands By Night

Trying to beat the traffic headed into town? Looking for a way to stay out of the traffic during your stay while still creating memories? Come to Canyonlands By Night to experience one of our various boat tours.

We are open every Monday through Saturday from 7am-10pm. The 3 Hour Fun Run boat tour goes out at 9am. The Spin & Splash boat tour usually goes out at 4pm or at 6pm. Call to double check availability on these tours. The two evening boats go every night. The Sunset Jet Boat goes out every evening at 6pm and the Sound and Light Show goes out at 7:15pm.

These boat tours are a wonderful way to avoid any traffic you may run into, both vehicular and human, during your visit to Moab.

3 Hour Fun Run
The 3 Hour Fun Run jet boat tour is our most recommended scenic tour that goes down river. On this tour you will get to see various arches, petroglyphs, Dead Horse Point, Thelma & Louise Point, and much more. The jet boat for this tour travels at about 35 mph and is a calm and very enjoyable scenic tour.
The 3 Hour Fun Run is $99 per adult and $89 per youth ages 4-12.
*Anyone under the age of 4 is not allowed on the boat

Spin & Splash
The Spin & Splash Boat is a thrilling experience that is not for the faint of heart. On this adventure your guide will load you onto the Spin King and play some rock and roll music to enhance your experience. You head up-river and, just like the name, your boat captain will spin the boat and go through rapids getting you completely soaked with the rock and roll music to bring some life to the ride.
This boat travels at 65 mph and covers roughly 28 miles round trip. The ticket price is $49 per adult and $39 per youth ages 8-12.
*Anyone under the age of 8 is not allowed on the boat.
*Anyone with back problems, illnesses, or other health concerns of the sort are not recommended on this tour

Sunset Jet Boat
The Sunset Jet Boat is one of our two evening tours that includes dinner with the boat portion of the event. This experience begins with a 1.5-hour scenic boat tour down the Colorado River. On this tour you get to see various arches, petroglyphs, and the red-rock canyon walls lit up in the sunset coloring. This special lighting exaggerates the reds and oranges in this rock which is quite a unique sight to see.
Following this unique tour, is a delicious Cowboy, Dutch Oven style dinner served in our dining hall overlooking the river. This meal is buffet style and sure to satisfy your BBQ cravings.
The Sunset Jet Boat tour is $89 per adult and $79 per youth ages 4-12.
*Anyone under the age of 4 is not allowed onto the boat

Sound and Light Show
The Sound and Light Show is the other evening tour which consists of dinner and the boat show up-river. To start off this experience, you get to have our Cowboy, Dutch Oven style dinner in our dining hall overlooking the river. After the meal you will board onto the Moab Queen II to head up-river.

On the way up-river your guide will point out interesting things in the canyon walls and tell you some fun stories about the area. Then, at dark, the guide will turn the boat around, shine 40,000 watts of illumination on the canyon walls, and play a sound narration. This narration will coordinate with the shadows displayed on the canyon walls to tell you the story of the history, formation, and creation of the Moab area according to the early settlers’ perspective.
The Sound and Light Show is $69 per adult and $59 per youth ages 4-12.
*Anyone under the age of 4 is not allowed onto the boat

Canyonlands By Night & Day
Office 435-259-5261 / Fax 435-259-2788
1861 N. Hwy 191 (Don’t use in GPS)
Moab, Utah 84532

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Responsible Recreation
Red Rock 4-Wheelers, Inc.

Each year we lose a few more roads/trails. Closed to us forever! It’s a horrible thought, but reality! Take a minute and think about what it would mean to you to have your favorite trail closed. One of the best ways to fight this is to practice responsible 4-wheeling.

Stay on the trail. Don’t be tempted to try a new route or obstacle. Someone will follow your tracks and soon we’ll have another unauthorized road. Go over the bumps and mud, not around them. That’s what 4-wheeling is all about.

Pack out what you pack in. If you see litter on the trail, pick it up and take it out with you. Most of all, take care of and respect this land that we love to play on.

Responsible 4-Wheeling will make a difference. Please join with the Red Rock 4-Wheelers and practice responsible
4-wheeling every day. Let’s show them that we care.


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