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Alumni Happenings - May 2006
Grand County High School

Clark Wilson, GCHS Class of 1976
by Jeff Richards

Auto parts store owner Clark Wilson, 48, is a proud member of Grand County High’s Class of 1976.

Shortly after graduation thirty years ago, he met his future wife Teresa, a native of Dolores, Colo., through a friend of a friend. Clark and Teresa have been married since 1978 and are the parents of three children, all of whom are also GCHS alumni: daughter Jessica Burton, 27, and sons Don Wilson, 23, and Zachary Wilson, 20.

Clark, who has worked in the auto parts business ever since he finished high school, first worked for Charlie McCormick at Canyonlands Auto Parts for a few years, then worked 18 years for The Parts Store (CARQUEST) before opening his own store three years ago: Clark’s Parts Plus, located at 1010 South Main in Moab. Both Clark and Teresa work in the shop, as do a handful of other experienced employees.

Clark partly attributes his career choice to his high school automotive teacher, Mr. Mel Grey. “I had always been interested in cars, but Mr. Grey was part of my inspiration to go into the auto parts business,” notes Clark.

Another memorable instructor Clark had was Eula “Granny” Griffin, whom he remembered as being a very good vocabulary and word study teacher.

Clark also remembers the Red Devils going to the state playoffs and playing in the 2A football championship game his senior year, in the fall of 1975. The Red Devils lost that title game to Delta, but Clark still remembers the excitement of getting to play for the championship. Grand didn’t see its first football title until this past year, when they defeated San Juan 25-22 on Nov. 12, 2005 to win the 2A championship. Although Clark and his wife didn’t make it to the game at Cedar City that afternoon, they listened to it on the radio. “What an exciting day that was for the whole community,” he remarked.

Football is but one of many sports that the Wilsons enjoy supporting. “We have always supported various sports activities, as well as the debate teams over the years,” Clark notes. As members of the Moab Rod Benders club, they also provide scholarships for students who want to continue their education after high school.

Clark’s family moved to Moab in 1963, when he was just starting grade school. Clark is the youngest of four children. He has two older brothers: Dave, who lives in California, and Bill, who lives in Price, Utah. Older sister Becky McCormick lives in Moab and was the attendance secretary at Grand County High until recently, when she transferred to become the office secretary at Red Rock Elementary. Becky’s husband Fr. Charlie McCormick (Clark’s former employer) passed away about a month ago.

Clark’s two sons played both golf and basketball while in high school. Youngest child Zach, who played guard for the Red Devils basketball team a couple of years ago (Class of 2004) now lives and works in Grand Junction.

Clark says that the Moab area has always been an ideal place to raise a family. “I have enjoyed raising my children in a small town, with the beautiful Moab country in our backyard,” Clark notes, adding that the family enjoys camping, hunting, fishing, and various other types of outdoor recreation. Recently, after a grueling week at the auto parts store during the Moab Jeep Safari, Clark was able to get away for a few days and go boating at Lake Powell. “It was kind of nice to have a bit of a break,” he says. But now it’s back to business as usual, he adds, even as he looked ahead to the Rod Benders club’s April Action Car Show, which traditionally brings in hundreds of vintage automobiles of all makes, models, and years.

Clark doesn’t know whether the Class of 1976 has any definite 30-year reunion plans, but he was happy to see many of the Class of 1975 gather in town for a reunion last year. “I saw quite a few people that week that I hadn’t seen since high school,” he recalled.

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