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Alumni Happenings -January 2007
Grand County High School


Randy and Meggan Apadaca, GHCS alumni,
look forward to being new owners of the Broken Oar

by Jeff Richards

Meggan and Randy Apadaca
Meggan and Randy Apadaca

Randy Apadaca and Meggan Baxter Apadaca both attended multiple other high schools before coming to Moab to finish out their senior year as Grand County High School Red Devils. They graduated in 1999 and 2004, respectively.

Now, as their second wedding anniversary approaches later this month, the couple is looking forward to a new challenge as business owners as they prepare to take over ownership of the Broken Oar Restaurant, where Randy has been working as the manager for the past year. Joining them as a partner will be Randy’s mother Marianne Bawden, who is moving her popular Marianne’s Bakery business from Center Street over to the Broken Oar building at 53 West 400 North.

“I’m excited,” says Randy. “It’s always been a dream of mine to have my own business, and my mom and I have always wanted to work together.”

“This will be a good opportunity for us to blend our skills,” adds Randy, adding that the eatery’s full name will be The Broken Oar Restaurant Eatery featuring Marianne’s Bakery. “We’re taking two great products and putting them together in one building,” he adds.

Meggan, 21, attended eight other high schools in California and Utah before finally coming to Moab in the late fall of her senior year (2003-04). “The only reason I came to Moab was to gain Utah residency so that I could attend the University of Utah,” she recalls. “But now Moab has been the longest place I’ve ever stayed in my life -- three years,” she adds.

When Meggan first moved to Moab, she stayed with her mother and stepfather (Susan Larsen Maxwell and Bob Maxwell). Later, after Meggan finished high school and got married, the Maxwells sold their home in Moab and moved back to Pleasant Grove.

Meggan played high school volleyball for four years, but her transfer to GCHS came just after the Lady Devils’ season had ended. She played on Pleasant Grove’s state championship volleyball team as a freshman, scoring the winning point in the title game.

Meggan has many fond memories of GCHS, and counts math teacher Bernie Radcliffe as among her favorites. “He had a good sense of humor, and he genuinely cared about his students,” she recalls.

Meggan has worked a variety of jobs in Moab, including motel desk clerk. She is a certified emergency medical technician and works as a paramedic for Grand County EMS. She currently works as an assistant at Moab Family Medicine. After the Broken Oar reopens in early January, she plans to assist with event planning, catering parties, and helping Randy with other aspects of the business.

Randy, 26, moved to Moab in the fall of 1998, shortly after his mother and his three younger brothers did that summer. “I was working at a bowling alley up in Salt Lake, so I didn’t move down here until after they did,” explains Randy, who had attended both West High and Granite High in Salt Lake. Randy later got a similar job managing the Gravel Pit Lanes bowling alley in Moab.

Randy’s interests in high school were more on the artistic side. A self-taught sketch artist and painter, Randy says he appreciates the one-on-one art instruction given him by GCHS art teacher Chris Becker. “He was the first art teacher I had who actually taught me something,” says Randy, who painted the murals on the walls of the former Marianne’s Bakery location.

Shortly before Randy’s graduation in 1999, tragedy struck the family when his younger brother Gary, then 16, was killed in a car accident. Randy’s other two brothers are Neil, 18, who graduated from GCHS in 2006, and Dallan, 15, who is currently a sophomore at GCHS. Single mom Marianne managed Red Rock Bakery for several years before leaving to start her own bakery business a year and a half ago.

After graduation, Randy worked full time at the bowling alley for awhile, then left on an LDS mission to Ventura, Calif. After returning from his mission, he landed a part time job at Anasazi Desert Gear, where he soon became the manager. He also assisted the store’s owner Myke Hughes in operating his other businesses, including Adrift Adventures and later the Broken Oar Restaurant.

Randy says he is looking forward to taking over as the new owner of the Broken Oar. He says the place will open at 7 a.m. in the winter and 6 a.m. starting in March. They won’t serve a breakfast menu, but Marianne will offer her full line of freshly baked pastries, croissants, donuts, and muffins, plus coffee, espresso, and other breakfast drinks.

“Lunch will be a blend of the two menus,” adds Randy. “Marianne will still have her delicious homemade sandwiches and soups, plus there will be burgers, wraps, and salads from the Broken Oar menu.”

“It’s kinda cool because everyone can have lunch there now, no matter what you like to eat,” adds Randy, noting that the Broken Oar’s dinner menu will be much the same as it has been, with the added bonus of being able to order pastries and desserts from the bakery, along with espresso drinks.

The business will continue to offer catering for weddings, parties, and other events, Randy adds.

Randy and Meggan were married Jan. 22, 2005, slightly less than a year after their first date on Valentine’s Day 2004, when Meggan was still in high school. Randy proposed to her that October, and they were married three months later. Their wedding reception was held at Gravel Pit Lanes, and attracted several hundred well-wishers.

Randy and Meggan still enjoy supporting GCHS sports and activities, including attending football games and watching the homecoming parade. Randy plans to offer special restaurant discounts for students on special occasions like prom night or Valentine’s Day.

Working multiple jobs makes for some very long days, but Randy and Meggan both say they thrive on challenges and enjoy staying busy. They are avid NASCAR auto racing fans, and also recently traveled to Salt Lake to attend a Utah Jazz basketball game. They also enjoy spending time at home with their rambunctious dog Daisy.

“We enjoy being here,” says Meggan. “Moab has been good to us.”

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