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Alumni Happenings - January 2016
Grand County High School

Emily Stock- Class of 2006
by Coya Pair

Emily Stock - Class of 2006Grand County High School alumna Emily Stock resides here in her beloved hometown of Moab. After graduation, Emily attended the University of Montana in Missoula, Montana, where she majored in Environmental Studies. Emily then earned her degree in Sustainable Community Development at Prescott College in Prescott, Arizona.

In addition to living in Arizona and Montana, Emily has also lived in Oregon and has traveled all over the world to places such as Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, France, Spain, and several times to Hawaii. The young globetrotter is now headed to Baja for the winter. “I try to leave the country to get perspective on the world and to warm my bones in the winter,” states the seasoned traveler.

Despite all the beautiful places she has visited, Emily says that it is the canyons and cliffs that have called her home time after time, and it is the community that keeps her here. She was raised in Castle Valley with her sister, Sarah Stock (a GCHS graduate of class 2004). Both now live in the City of Moab. Her parents, Tori and Mitch Stock, still live in the Castle Valley community and have for about 25 years, watching with both positive and apprehensive feelings the way Moab has changed and grown.

Emily (along with being department manager at Moonflower Community Coop), is now an herbalist here in town and describes it as more of a lifestyle than a job. She looks back on her high school career and remembers the Human Anatomy and Physiology class, which was a helpful foundation for the healing arts. Along with the classes that helped shape her career, she recalls often finding herself in the art room. “I painted as much as I possibly could. I think high school is emotionally hard on almost everyone and to be able to have the artistic resources to channel all the strenuous emotional growth is, retrospectively, really important!” Emily says. This explains why she was voted “most artistic” in her senior class. Another fond memory Emily has of high school is when she and her sister, Sarah, reincarnated the high school newspaper after many years of not having one. She claims to get a sense of ‘Red Devil Pride’ every time she picks up an issue of The Devil’s Advocate. Emiliy Stock 2015

After her experiences with previous jobs like waiting tables, working on farms, community organizing, being a barista, cleaning, house painting, landscaping, and much more, Emily finds contentment in where she now is in life. “I am definitely happier than I was when I was in high school. It’s hard to find the inspiration of life when the world is small, and you don’t know where you’re headed,” Emily says. She also adds a thanks to all the GCHS staff that helped lead her in the right direction and shape her into the person she is today. “The integrity of intention through work, and doing what makes you happy, are things that were supported by quite a few amazing teachers when I was in school,” she exclaims. “Now, in my mid-twenties, I am fully inspired. Herbalism has changed my life; I’ve never been so dedicated to anything before, and there is clarity in dedication.”

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