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Alumni Happenings - September 2016

Record Increase in Local Graduates Attending USU-Moab
Red Devils Make the Best Aggies

Utah State University Moab announces record fall enrollment from Grand County High School graduates. This fall 12 Grand County High School graduates will begin their college education at Utah State University’s Moab campus.

Several factors contributed to the increased enrollment, including an increase in scholarships from local donors for local students, financial savings realized through staying home for college, and the availability of USU degrees locally. Additionally, students may begin taking college courses at GCHS through USU and transition seamlessly into a USU degree program upon graduation.

New local scholarships provide a significant incentive for local students to stay in the area to pursue their academic goals. These scholarships are provided by Moab businesses and individuals from the area, and are specifically available for students at USU Moab. Scholarships are available for both general use and for specific areas of study.

“We have worked hard over the past several years with local businesses and individuals to build this program for local students, and now we’re starting to see the benefits of those efforts and of the generous donations,” said Sam Sturman, Academic Advisor and Scholarship Coordinator with USU Moab.

“These local scholarships are a huge benefit to our community. We are training and educating students with a vested interest in our community, and who we believe will continue to add to our area for many years to come.”

This increase represents a significant jump from previous years, where the local USU campus averaged two to three new students from GCHS. The new students will be entering into academic programs to pursue degrees in business, nursing, political science, and more. Their classes will be taught both in person by USU Moab’s on-site faculty, and through interactive video broadcast from other USU campuses around the state.

“We couldn’t be more thrilled with the increase in local student enrollment and success of our local scholarships.” remarked Steve Hawks, Dean and Executive Director of USU Moab. “We’re constantly working to increase the programs available right here in Moab, and to bring new local students to our campus, and we’ve been very successful over the last year in both of those efforts.”

The costs associated with earning a college degree are an increasing concern with students, parents, and even politicians in recent years. Both students and universities are exploring creative means to help offset the expense. USU Moab is committed to serving the students and residents of Grand County through offering world-class university degrees and programs at an affordable price.

To find out about scholarships and academic programs available in Moab visit or call (435) 259-7432 to set an appointment with an academic advisor.

Slay Your Emotions in Nature
“So get out there and slay your emotions until they feel as good as you.” These thought provoking words are from our 16-year-old son’s essay on nature just one week prior to his passing.

Kayden lived his life to the fullest as he ripped through the snow at Geyser Pass on his snowboard, to speeding through the sand dunes behind the rocks on his dirt bike, to jumping into any body of water whether it be the Colorado River, jumping from the cliffs at Left Hand, in the dark, using a battery powered light, or to the tiniest of pools that only contain two feet of water, okay, maybe not the brightest idea, but you get the point. A cowboy through and through as he rode the hills building a loop at a full gallop chasing a wild cow. He explored all that Moab had to offer with no inhibitions. He loved being out in nature.

It was in that nature, God’s display of his many wonders, where he could leave everything behind. This is where you can hear both the past and the present speaking to you through the rustle of the junipers. Your burdens are lifted by the sound of your horse moving through the desert. Trials are made lighter on the wings of a hawk soaring up above. It is in this nature that you can find renewal.

Now is your time to get out and explore Moab whether it be in a jeep, a mountain bike, or from the back of a horse as the likes of Butch Cassidy and his band of outlaws. Take the time to explore and leave behind the stress of everyday life.

Whether you are a seasoned rider, or have never ridden before, there is something we can offer. Dave Stamey sums it best in his song titled “Come Ride with Me”. At MH Cowboy we offer that ride that can take you into nature to renew your spirits. We can teach you some horsemanship, maybe a little roping too. There is nothing like being on the back of a horse riding through the sage, especially following a rain storm as the smells penetrate your senses and help you to find a peace that can only be found in nature. We invite you to visit us. We are MH Cowboy horseback trailrides. Contact us at 435-259-0482 or and visit
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