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Business Happenings - OCTOBER 2001

The Hub of Cycling in Moab - Rim Cyclery

The story of how Moab became the “mountain bike capitol of the world” cannot be told without talking about Rim Cyclery. Moab’s oldest bike shop and its two owners, Bill and Robin Groff, had a great deal to do with the explosion of mountain biking in Moab, if not the entire United States.

The story starts with these two guys who loved to ride bikes. Robin and Bill were avid cyclists long before fat, knobby tires ever hit the rocks. Living in Moab they were frustrated by the fact that it was difficult to get parts and equipment, so they opened Rim Cyclery about 20 years ago. They carried bikes, parts, supplies, and accessories for bikes as well as a full line of camping gear. For years it was also the only place in Moab to get outdoor gear of any kind. Robin also guided climbing trips, so the shop was also the place to buy climbing equipment. River runners purchased boating supplies at Rim, too.

Then, something funny happened on the way to the bike race. A rumor about cycling off road with rugged equipment started spreading through the cycling world. The news was drifting primarily from two points: Marin County, California, and Crested Butte, Colorado. Being curious, creative guys, Bill and Robin started looking around Moab at old cattle roads and at an interesting trail, the Slickrock Motorcycle Trail. Looking at the slickrock humps, they could see fat tires crawling over it as cyclists proved their worth. Moab ended up on the cover of the premiere issue of Mountain Bike magazine and the rest, as they say, is history.

Rim began bringing in mountain bikes and the associated equipment. Not too much later, they established Rim Tours and began offering guided bike tours throughout the stunning backcountry surrounding Moab. In 1985 they started the Fat Tire Festival, the first mountain bike festival in the United States. Mountain biking was so new in the cycling world, that people came from all over the country to bask in the sunshine, enjoy that stunning scenery, see the latest new gear, and show their metal on the challenging, beautiful trails.

Today, Rim is truly the hub of cycling in Moab. As the oldest store, Rim has experienced mechanics who give the best advice in town regarding trails, bike purchase, repairs, or gear. Whether you need a minor repair to get back on the trail quickly, or a major overhaul or tune-up, an upgrade to the latest technology in bicycles, or advice backed up by decades of experience, the professional staff at Rim will make sure you walk away happy.

General Manager Dave Montgomery says, “Rim exists to make sure people have a good time on their mountain bike vacation here in Moab. We have all the information, safety gear, maps, clothing, helmets, and trail advice that they need.”

Dave explains that his staff is equipped to help all levels of riders. “You don’t have to be a seasoned biker to enjoy a mountain bike ride in Moab. We make sure people get on the right trails for their level of experience and fitness. We want them to discover how great cycling can be, come back to Moab, and come back to our shop, so we take very good care of them!”

Rim is also a favorite stop for cyclists who have been riding since the first copy of Mountain Bike hit the streets. They know the professionals at Rim are on top of the latest technology and, in spite of being the oldest shop in town, is also on the cutting edge of equipment and gear. Rim still sells camping gear, climbing gear, packs, and clothing carrying all the favorite lines: Patagonia, North Face, Marmot, Kelty, Gramicci, Royal Robbins, and Carhartt work clothes. Bike lines include Specialized, GT, Merlin and Bianchi.

One of the latest addition to Rim is Maptrek, a system that allows riders to take along a personal GPS with a tracking system and map that shows the route and later, on the internet, a three-dimensional “virtual” chart of their ride. The other big news for 2001 is Maverick American, the latest in rear suspension technology in mountain bikes.

The bottom line is this: Rim Cyclery is the oldest bike shop in town that carries the newest equipment. Rim started as the hub of cycling in Moab and 20 years later is still the hub of cycling in Moab.



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