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Business Happenings - December 2001

Shipping is as easy as 1-2-3 at the
Moab Mailing Center!

59 S Main Suite #3 • Moab UT 84532 • (435) 259-8431

It’s that hustle-bustle time of the year full of last minute shopping, wrapping, and shipping gifts to loved ones all over the country. Don’t despair if you feel like you don’t have enough time to get it all done. There is help in Moab, at least for the “shipping” part of your Christmas to-do list.

Moab Mailing Center is standing by ready to help you package and ship your gifts to everyone you love. Whether you’re sending a giant panda bear to a grandchild or a microwave to your parents, Theresa King, owner of the Mailing Center, will take good care of your package.

“The real master packager here is Rex Holman,” Theresa explains. “He can package anything!”
Indeed, Rex has had some practice at packing and shipping some pretty unusual items including a full-sized grandfather clock, cow skulls, antlers, and even deer meat. One of the most unusual – and frequently shipped – items is, believe it or not, tumbleweed.

“The tumbleweed is a real challenge,” says Rex. “Of course, they want their tumbleweed to arrive back east with not a single twig out of place. It requires very gentle handling and packaging….more like shipping Waterford crystal than a weed!”

Rex is up to the challenge, however, and secretly enjoys custom building boxes and handling delicate or awkward shipping requirements.

The Mailing Center ships UPS and FedEx. They offer over 50 different sizes of boxes, so you’re bound to find just the right box for your shipping needs. And you’ll always get fast, friendly service at the Mailing Center whether you’re just popping in to buy a box to ship on your own, or asking Rex to package and ship a bicycle to Biloxi! The center carries a full line of shipping supplies including boxes, envelopes, bubble wrap and tape, so even if you’re doing your own packaging, you can accomplish one stop shopping there.

Rex and Theresa warn that the busiest time of the season is December 1 through December 15th, so if you have Christmas packages to ship, come early. They suggest you allow a week for regular, ground delivery, depending on where it’s going in the U.S.

“Of course, you can wait until the last minute if you have to. Both UPS and FedEx offer guaranteed overnight service, but, of course, you pay for that guarantee,” says Theresa.

In addition to packaging and shipping, the Mailing Center provides post office boxes so people can receive UPS and FedEx packages. It also allows folks to obtain a Main Street mailing address. Their mail service includes forwarding mail if you’re going to be out of time for an extended period. The center also handles bulk mailing and sells stamps.

Theresa started the Moab Mailing Center in 1997 and incorporated it into her already thriving businesses, Canyonlands Advertising and Canyonlands Copy Center.

“We were already doing some of the work, so it was a natural extension of our services to the community,” explains Theresa. “At about the same time there was a shortage of boxes at the post office, so we just kind of extended the number of boxes available in the community. We work closely with the post office and have a great relationship with them.”

The Moab Mailing Center is open Monday through Friday 8 to 6 and every Saturday from 9 to 5. With the Christmas season right around the corner, now is a good time to give yourself a break and use some of the hassle-free services available at the Moab Mailing Center. And year round, it’s a place of good cheer!
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