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Business Happenings - January 2002

For Affordable Car Rentals,Think Thrifty!

Thrifty Car Rental
Moab Valley Inn
711 South Main, Moab Utah

I’m always surprised at how many convenient services exist in Moab that I don’t know about because they are tucked away behind other company’s doors. Thrifty Car Rental is just such a service, located within the lobby of Moab Valley Inn at 711 South Main Street. I didn’t even realize that we had a car rental agency in town besides those specializing in four-wheel off-road vehicles. But not only do we have one, we have one that caters to the full gamut of car rental needs for tourists and locals alike.
Open year-round, Thrifty observes convenient hours to accommodate their customers. During the summer, they operate seven days a week from 7:00 a.m. to 7 p.m. Because they are linked with Great Lakes Airlines, they extend their hours if a plane is delayed so passengers need not worry about their car rental. During the winter, their doors open at 8 a.m. and close at 5 p.m., and are closed on Sundays.

Although their main location in Moab is the address on Main Street, they also have an office at the airport that caters to private and commuter planes. As Cathy Stephens, lead agent, explains, “That office runs by reservation only since there isn’t enough business to keep an agent out there full-time.” Their accommodating pick-up services extend to bringing out rentals to local hotels and expedition tours. They also work in conjunction with several of the biking and hiking outfitters in town to facilitate the travel experience for tourists.

Although they do not run bike shuttles, they do offer shuttle services to cities, such as Salt Lake City and Denver, with a 30 day notice. However, with convenient drop-off locations at any major airport, it’s easy to coordinate a travel schedule.

The wide selection of vehicles Thrifty carries, all of which are updated to the latest year’s models, satisfies most transportation needs. For Moab residents who either don’t have a reliable car for a long trip or simply like the service of a rental car agency should anything break down, Thrifty has an assortment of sedans. All of them are automatic and equipped with airbags, A/C and heaters. For the traveler into town looking for a good four-wheel drive, Thrifty offers three SUV size classes, ranging from the Jeep Cherokee to the Chevy Suburban and Excursion. Their selection also includes the ever-popular Jeep Wrangler.

Renting a car, especially a new one, is also a great way of testing out the model before purchasing one. Because Thrifty updates their vehicles every year, they lease and sell last year’s models at affordable prices. As their brochure claims, “If you like it, you can buy it!”

As their name suggests, Thrifty’s prices are reasonable. In addition to offering low daily and weekly rates, they also give senior and local discounts. If you’re traveling on a corporate program, ask about the reduced rates for employee leisure travel.

For my two-driver, one-car family, I’m glad to have discovered this local service. Next time one of us needs to take a road trip solo or friends fly directly into Moab, it’s good to know that there is an affordable, convenient option for acquiring a second car, if only for a day or two.
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