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Business Happenings - February 2002

- Building Long Distance Friendships -

Castle Rock Chevrolet
481 S. Main St. in Moab
by Carrie Mossien

Larry Jacobs and Mike Corbin have made it their business to maintain and build long-distance, and long-lasting, friendships. As general manager and sales manager of Castle Rock Chevrolet in Moab, these Moab natives have found a way to service their friendships while making a living; important to both of them so they can stay in their home town.

“I got into this business because I wanted to live in Moab where I grew up,” Larry says. “Prior to this I sold heavy equipment. I wanted to come back here and this is the work that was available.”

Larry has been selling cars in Moab for 15 years, and now is general manager of Castle Rock Chevrolet. He prides himself on introducing a national sales program here that promises to help expand Castle Rock’s business while providing a unique opportunity to locals and buyers nationwide.

“We deliver cars all over the place because we can sell new cars for only 2 percent over invoice,” he said. That means 2 percent over the dealers cost, and it means any new Chevrolet. “We get a very good response to this program,” he added.

There are only four dealerships nationwide providing the same opportunity, and it affords the Moab dealership nationwide advertising opportunities. Why are so few dealerships involved? And why Moab?

“The program has a high overhead so it doesn’t attract a lot of dealerships,” Larry explained. “We don’t have a high overhead or a lot of walk-in customers, so it fits us real well.”

The program also attracts people to Moab, and attracting people to Moab is the backbone of this area’s tourist industry.
“This program will probably become over 50 percent of our business. We hope to build long-distance friendships, which we have done very successfully so far.
“People are satisfied with their vehicle and the way they are treated,” he adds. “We hope to build on that.”

Both Larry and Mike, sales manager at Castle Rock Chevrolet for 12 years, have made satisfying customers their business, because it is the local repeat customers who have helped build the dealership.

“With the local sales I’m often more in the used car market,” Mike said. “It’s a tough market, but here we don’t have high pressure sales. We sell to people we know and they tell their friends and they all keep coming back.”

Mike says his favorite part of the business is “to have a satisfied customer who feels they were treated right.”

“If somebody leaves here happy about buying a new car, even if I didn’t make a lot of money, I’m happy,” he said.

Mike averages 12 to 15 sales a month, and adds that this is a good time to buy a car because of low interest rates and manufacturer rebates. Castle Rock Chevrolet has five sources of financing, including high-risk, sells extended warranties, and can services anything it sells. Castle Rock also offers jeep and car rentals.

While this month the eyes of the nation focus on Utah as the Olympians and their fans arrive, Chevrolet, as a corporate co-sponsor of the Olympic Torch Relay, is providing vehicles to help transport torch carries en route. Castle Rock Chevrolet technicians helped build one of the cars, and Avalanche, that will be used in the relay.
“We don’t know where that particular car will be used, and we won’t have one going here,” Larry said. “It’s a corporate sponsorship and we’re proud of that.”

Castle Rock Chevrolet is located at 481 S. Main St. in Moab. To take advantage of the 2 percent over invoice national sales program, call Larry or Mike at 435-259-5432. Castle Rock can deliver anywhere nationwide, and access new Chevrolets of any kind. Locals are encouraged to take advantage of this program as well.
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