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Business Happenings - October 2003

Sore No MoreTM:
Natural Pain Relieving Gel

Sore No More™
150 East Center
Moab, UT 84532
(800) 842-6622
(435) 259-56931

Since it was first introduced five years ago Sore No More™ has been helping its customers relieve pain naturally. Alfredo Cortazar, a Mayan Indian descendant, created the therapeutic pain medicine, which has been used by health professionals nationwide. In 1998, the identical formula was introduced to the general public under the brand name of Sore No More™. This amazing analgesic gel is marketed to retail customers and distributors through the Glo Germ™ Company of Moab, Utah.

“I ordered a free sample of your product well over a year ago for my arthritis.  When I got it I only used it once and then put it away for future use.  I forgot all about it.  Well, 3 months ago I was in a car accident and suffered severe whiplash.  I have been through doctors, MRI’s, Chiropractor, Physical therapy, massage, traction, trigger point injections -  you name it... nothing worked for the soft tissue pain in my neck.  Even pain killing drugs were becoming ineffective!  I tried some creams, like Flexall, Icy Hot,  Joint Support, etc. to no avail.  I was losing all hope.  Then yesterday I realized that I still had that free sample of Sore No More and decided to try it.  My husband massaged it in my neck and imagine my amazement when within minutes my pain was GONE!!   And it stayed gone for over 6 hours!   I haven’t had relief for that long since the accident.   I  applied it again this morning and this evening and unfortunately  now it’s empty!  You better believe I’m going to order a jar and recommend it to everyone I know, including my doctors!   Thank you for such a great product, and most of all for offering a free sample!!”
KW, Georgia USA

Sore No More™ is a blend of 100% natural botanical extracts with a refreshing scent of orange peel and the deep heating strength of menthol. Its synergistic effect detoxifies sore muscles and joints, relieves arthritic pain and inflammation, and can even eliminate headaches. Formulated without waxes, oils, or artificial colors, Sore No More™ is a fragrance and animal-free product.

The formulation and manufacturing process of Sore No More™ has endured rigorous testing by federal regulatory agencies. One of the few 100% natural products to receive certification by the Food and Drug Administration for its manufacturing process, Sore No More™ is also approved by the Commerce Department for international export.

Sore No More™ is so sought after that it has become an international product. This powerful pain relieving gel is now sold in Asia, Europe, South America, and in several stores nationwide. Its customer’s range from the average arthritis sufferer to physical therapists to even veterinarians who use Sore No More™ to help relieve the pain associated with joint injuries in horses. Based on current growth, we are optimistic Sore No More™ will become a universally accepted member of the alternative medicine family.
The people at Sore No More™ are so sure that their product works, that they offer a free sample to anyone that contacts them (either by phone or internet).

As their clientele expands, Sore No More™ has begun to offer a wider variety of items, which still contain the same effective formula. Sore No More™ is available in a 4oz jar, an 8oz jar, a new 8oz jar with a pump (for easier dispensing), a gallon jug with a pump, and soon to be released, a bath fizzie (which will be used in association with a warm bath for ultimate relaxing and pain relief).

For additional information, please call (800) 842-6622, visit our website at Or stop by any of the following businesses…

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Gonzo Inn
Moonflower Market
Spanish Trail Shell
Slick Rock Campground
The Peace Tree
T.I. Maps
Walker Drug

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