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Business Happenings - August 2004

High Point HUMMER
81 North Main Street, across from Wendy’s. 435-259-2972.

High Point Hummer & ATV -
The Highlight of your Vacation!

Visitors to Moab can’t help but notice the presence of outdoor activities and outfitters. The town is filled with visitors and residents alike who just want to be able to stay awhile and enjoy the grandeur of the area.

Such is the case with Scott and Lori McFarland of High Point HUMMER & ATV. In 1998 they returned to Moab’s spectacular terrain and scenery to open Moab’s first ever HUMMER tour company. “No one was doing HUMMER tours here at that time and some people thought we were a little crazy to want to take guests on high adventure tours to places with names like Hell’s Revenge, but we wanted to offer something really special to families. Our guests think this is a great way to make memories with very young or very mature family members.”

When High Point HUMMER & ATV opened, HUMMERs were very new to the civilian market. HUMMERS were originally made for military use but public demand opened them to the civilian market in 1991. Most people never even get the opportunity to ride in an H-1, let alone really see what they will do off road. H-1 is the term used for the original heavy duty HUMMER built for off-roading.

With their cache of four HUMMERs, High Point offers tours in both civilian and military style vehicles. Clients range from single guests to multi-member groups. “We want to share these awe inspiring places with guests whom might not be able to access them any other way.” Lori explains. “We have often taken guests on tour with limited physical abilities--it’s a thrill to know we can share this outdoor experience with them. Some of our clients prefer the comfort of the HUMMER without the high adventure portion. For groups like these we offer interpretive scenic tours.”

High Point also offers Rentals and Tours with ATV’s (all terrain vehicles). The ATVs are a great option of those who what to be in the driver’s seat and take control of their adventure. High Point has recently opened an additional location, which eliminates the need to trailer the ATVs over distance.

“Our objective is to respect and share this beautiful country with our friends and guests and to share in the building of this emergent community.”

2 hour HUMMER® adventures
Adults: $59.00
Seniors 60+ & children under 17: $39.00

4 hour HUMMER® adventures
Adults: $99.00
Seniors 60+ & children under 17: $59.00

High Point HUMMER is located at 281 North Main Street, across from Wendy’s. They can be reached at 435-259-2972. Visit them at


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