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Business Happenings - September 2004

Canyonlands Jeep Rentals -
The New Kid in Town

Canyonlands Jeep Rentals
543 N. Main
Moab, UT 84532

In April of 2004, a new Jeep rental company opened its doors and started to rent Jeeps for individuals to drive and experience the vast array of back country roads and trails available in and around Moab. Owner Steve Lawry comes to the businesss with a varied backgroud in tourism. He has been a river guide, a tour driver for off road tours as well as a hiking guide.

Steve saw a need for some healthy competition in the Jeep rental business in Moab and was also ready to try something on his own after working for other companies in Moab. His location at 543 North Main became available when the river company that had been there for a number of years elected to vacate the property. Steve signed a lease, bought his first 6 jeeps and found himself in the wonderful world of visitor services.

Steve hired two young local boys that have many years of trail crawling experience in the Moab area and who have been a great help in the office. Renting four wheel drive vehicles to visitors who have never driven off road, much less driven some of the intense trails around Moab can be a nerve racking experience. His two employees are able to provide interesting trail information and also give the renters a comfort zone about there upcoming day.

Renting four wheel drive vehicles in a market like Moab requires a stout heart, an ability to smile when someone has taken one of your vehicles on a trail that wasn’t recommended and has caused some interesting (and probably expensive) body damage. Steve has the relaxed personality that can accept these challenges, but he says it still makes him nervous to hear his renters going out the door talking about going to the Moab Rim.

Since the first of the summer, Canyonlands Jeep Rentals has added a new niche to the market. They have available for rent a Jeep Cherokee and a Lincoln Navigator. These cars provide an upscale level to four wheeling. Steve says that he perceived a need for a better SUV for the market. So far it has proved to be good decision, as his higher end cars are usually the first ones to rent out every day. Canyonlands now offers 10 vehicles which can be rented for half day, full day or multiple day rentals, all at very competitive prices. Steve feels very strongly about providing the best in almost new equipment at low prices.

Steve is also excited about the future with a couple of upcoming events which include a move and taking the plunge by adding more vehicles. He is committed to the long haul and has plans to increase his fleet for 2005 to 15 or more vehicles and will be moving his operation to the Moab Adventure Center located on South Main next to the Moab Diner.

The Adventure Center offers complete touring services and visitor fun things to see and do. They plan to be open year round and are pleased by the way the local business community has welcomed them to the market.

If your plans include a four wheel drive experience, give Canyonlands Jeep Rentals a call at 435-259-4413.

When you visit Canyonlands Jeep Rentals be sure and tell them you read about it in Moab Happenings.

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