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Business Happenings - January 2005

may get some competition in Moab

By Carrie Switzer

A high-speed Internet provider based in SLC is offering telephone service to Moab customers that will soon allow calls between Salt Lake City, Moab, St. George, Monticello and Blanding with no long-distance charges.
Too good to be true?

“We’ve been providing this service regionally (Salt Lake City) since 1989,” said Noah Case, owner of Syptec.
“We now have Internet and dial-tone service in Logan, Provo, St. George and Moab, and within four months we should have it installed in Monticello and Blanding.”

The goal is to have the whole state of Utah linked to one local phone line.

Moab customers are being offered incentives to help create a customer base for the alternative telephone and computer service. Syptec is offering to match or better any competitor’s cost of providing service and is offering the first 10 installations free, free virus filtering and free e-mail.

Syptec claims to be eight times faster than Moab’s current high speed Internet provider, and can offer all the bells and whistles of modern telephone companies, i.e. call waiting, caller I.D. and voice mail.

“We’ve been working in Moab for better than a year,” Case said. “We want to work with builders that have specific needs, such as property owners with 300 or 400 different tenants. Rather than have each one go out and get their own service, it can be installed and waiting. It sets up a ‘value added’ program – we build to their specification.”

Syptec already provides service to the Park Service and state offices in Moab, and Noah said he is working with Steve Wang to link his hotel and motel properties. The Gonzo Inn, Moab Valley Inn and several individual residents have signed up, and Moab-based project manager Caleb Dooley is working on the Monticello and Blanding link.

“Our infrastructure that we’re building has been in the works for three years,” Case said. “The Chamber of Commerce is committed in Monticello and J.L. Thorton in Blanding. The biggest project is with Steve Wang and tying together his properties.”

Syptec owns its own telecom provider and has agreements that allow the company to put its equipment anywhere it is needed, in the world.

More information is available at the web site,, and installations may be ordered by calling 866-593-9334.

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