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Business Happenings - March 2005

Soul Food
offers Gifts for Conscious Living & Giving

Soul Food
50 North Main
Moab UT 84532

Soul Food’s foot traffic increased after moving in the middle of last year's season to 50 North Main, in the middle of the main shopping block. Now preparing for the third year in business and the first full season in Moab’s prime shopping district, Soul Food is doubling their inventory and remodeling for a meditation room open to the public.

Soul Food has been able to double their inventory due to more than double the space as before. We’ve just returned from the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show with lots of new and exciting Crystals and Minerals for the upcoming year. Next is a trip to the Gift and Jewelry Show in Las Vegas to stock the store for the new season and to bring in some new and up to date jewelry and gifts.

Soul Food credits their employee’s for their knowledge and expertise in the New Age Metaphysical Arena: including New Age Books, Crystals and Minerals, Aura and Chakra readings, Tarot/Psychic/Intuitive Readings, Aromatherapy and Incense, assistance with gift purchases and Jewelry selections.

Our employees have local clientele that appreciate their expertise and knowledge and that’s one of the reasons we stay open year round. Our local clientele helps make it possible for us to stay open year around providing steady employment for our employees and a comnumity resource center for the locals to help them through the winter months. We thank all you locals who supported us throughout the winter months.

Soul Food hears from the tourists that it’s nice to walk into a store that isn’t another souvenir shop. We are without a doubt a unique store in Moab and the tourists seem to find that refreshing. Tourists are in their relaxed and nourishing mode and Soul Food provides the tools to help them take better care of themselves and to enjoy the pleasures of life whether it be playing a crystal singing bowl, or seeing a live video of their aura and charka’s, or purchasing a Buddha statue to bring peace and harnxrny into their lives.

Local art adorns the walls of Soul Food year round, displaying all walks of Art. Last year we had art shows for local artists: Nik Hougen, Tracy Sternburg and Shannon Amsberrry. We’re looking forward to even more shows this year and would love to hear from local aritist interested in displaying their work.

The staff at Soul Food: Owner Gabrielle, Manager William, Webmaster Nathan, Taunya, Iris and Tracy would all like to thank Moab for the local support and look forward to the new season.

Taunya offers Intuitive Readings on Friday evenings at 6:00 pin starting at $20.00. Also available are private aura camera readings by appointment only with Tracy.

Soul Food is open 7 days a week and a new web page is being designed with the address of to help make your shopping easier and for anything you may have missed on your vacation.

Soul Food is located at 50 North Main and may be reached at 259-5395.


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