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Business Happenings - October 2005

Lone Pine Adventures -
Harley’s and ATV’s

Lone Pine Adventures
300 S. Main
Moab UT 84532

One of the newest businesses in Moab is Lone Pine Adventures, described by General Manager James Love as “a work in progress.” Open for just two months, it’s possible now to rent an Arctic Cat or Honda Sport ATV or an assortment of Harley Davidson motorcycles. In the near future, this business site in the former Zion’s bank building, will also house Ballistix Sports, a dealership for Arctic Cat ATV’s and accessories as well as used ATV’s and motorcycles. It will be the only such dealership in Moab.

James Love came to Moab from his home base in Nephi, Utah where he managed a similar sports store. He has a degree in business from Utah Valley State College. Because he has lived all his life in small Utah towns, he has a good feeling about relocating to Moab. His wife, an elementary teacher, and their three children will follow shortly. Love believes the interest in ATV’s and motorcycles will only grow as people realize how much fun they can be and how gas efficient they are.

“Europeans love Harley’s,” Love says. “They see them as the great ‘American Icon.’” It is the dream of many foreign tourists to drive a big machine like a Harley Heritage, to dress themselves in leathers and ride into the desert wind. Europeans have already had experience with motorcycles as many use them for transportation in their home countries. They come with their operating license in hand and are ready to rent a Harley. Anyone renting a street bike must have a license.

By contrast, the automatic ATV’s are easy to operate and do not require a license for those over 21. If someone is 16 and has an adult along, they may also drive an ATV. A Youth License is required for those who are younger than 16. “ATV’s are a great family adventure,” says Love.

He will trailer the rentals to an off-road location and pick the people up at the end of their ride. Rentals are for half a day, a whole day, or even overnight. Safety measures, a map, desert etiquette, and riding instructions are given. A helmet comes with the rental. All are encouraged to wear the colorful protective gear, though helmets are only required for riders 16 and under.

As with most businesses of this kind, Love hopes that when people rent a motorcycle or an ATV, they will fall in love with it and want to buy one. That’s why he is positioning the Lone Pine Adventures to include the Ballistix Sport dealership. Locals and tourists can buy their own machines and accessories, get service on their equipment, and join others in the area. In the future, Love also wants to provide tours led by experienced local guides.

Love has lots of plans for the former bank. The building is large, the dreams many. As soon as the dealership is in place, Love plans to have a Grand Opening. In the meantime, you can visit the store at 300 S. Main, near Walker’s drugs. Current hours are 8am to 6 pm.
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