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Business Happenings - March 2007

Skydive Moab
Take your Vacation to a Higher Level!

SKYDIVE MOAB is ready to open its door again for the upcoming 2007 season. This year we expect to grace the skies with over 1000 tandem skydives. Our goal is to enable each and every one of you to experience the exhilarating sport of skydiving at least once in your lifetime!

Tandem skydiving is the fastest and easiest way to experience freefall with very little training. We do all the work. Just come along for the ride of your life!

SKYDIVE MOAB operates a single engine Cessna 182 airplane. Its capacity holds 4 jumpers; 2 tandem students and, of course, 2 tandem instructors. SKYDIVE MOAB has maintained a perfect safety record since it started operations in 2004.

Let’s begin the journey. When you arrive at the Moab Airport, you’ll be greeted by SKYDIVE MOAB’s owner, Clint MacBeth. Clint has been skydiving for 13 years and has acquired over 5500 jumps to date. He is also accredited with numerous placements for World Competitions, various instructor licenses, including, Tandem, Demonstrations, and AFF (accelerated free fall) ratings. It’s in his blood. Clint’s father, Greg MacBeth has been jumping out of perfectly good airplanes since 1983 and has logged approximately 4000 skydives. He too, holds a few world records for formation skydiving. One example is a formation of 232 skydivers linked and held for over 3 seconds. Clint’s grandfather, Gil MacBeth began his adventures at the ripe young age of 60! He had recorded over 400 jumps during his skydiving career. Keith MacBeth, Clint’s brother, also holds several world records himself, logging 4500 plus jumps. In 1985, Mom’s one and only claim to the parachuting sport, was the first ever Tandem flight in Atlantic Canada. Not to be outdone by their older brothers, Sarah and Gary, younger siblings, have also taken the plunge with several tandems jumps between them.

Now down to your business! Here is what to expect for your very own tandem adventure. First things first. You’ll fill out paperwork, watch a short video and make your payment. You are now ready for the fun stuff. You’ll be taken to the airplane mock-up where you will be shown, and also practice, how to safely exit the Cessna. Your instructors will then escort you to the hangar to complete the short instructional class. Next will be to put on your jumpsuit (optional) and the tandem harness. There are four points of attachments that join together yourself with your instructor. Two points are at the shoulders and two at the hips. One last time, you’ll go over the exit and freefall positions. Time to climb into the plane!

Take off is from the 7100’ runway to fly around the magnificent Moab area.

During your flight to altitude, you’ll pinpoint Arches & Canyonlands National Park, the Colorado and Green Rivers, the La Sal Mountains, the town of Moab, and the many, many canyons and rock formations that drew you to this land. It really is an awesome plane ride to altitude. When the destined altitude is reached, the door of the plane will open over the Moab Airport. Time to GO! (Oh, and just to let you know, “NO” sounds like “GO” to us!!!) Now the rush! You and your tandem instructor will exit the plane at 10,000’ – freefall for 35 seconds – at a speed of 120mph! At 5000’ above the ground, your instructor will pull the parachute’s ripcord. He’ll then position his camera in your face, and expect you to relay on film your freefall experience! This, of course, is optional but highly recommended as you only experience your 1st skydive once. Why not have a video made of this memorable day?

The canopy ride is very surreal, quiet and peaceful, lasting an approximate 5 -7 minutes depending on how many turns you and your instructor manage.

Get ready now for landing! No worries mate, remember, your instructor will do all the work. Touch down is in the landing area at the airport. There you will reunite with your jumping buddies (literally jumping), and talk about the wild experience you have just undertaken! Here comes the shuttle bus to return you to the hangar. After getting out of your suit and harness, it’s time to honorably receive your 1st Jump Certificate! Congratulations!

Your fun-filled day of jumping can take as little as 2 hours to a half-day, depending on the size of your particular group. You also must be at least 18 years of age. Class times will vary, depending on the time of season, but we tend to jump in the mornings to beat the Moab heat! Our skydiving season is March 1 – November 15th, weather permitting.

Please check out for more info or call anytime (435) 259 JUMP to book your Tandem Skydive TODAY!

Blue Skies!

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