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Business Happenings - May 2007

CyclePath Brings Motorized Bike Tours to Moab

As a youth I grew up in the far western suburbs of Chicago on the edge of the border where the farmlands meet with urban lands. I went to college my first two years in a small city of Socorro, New Mexico and finished my college at the University of Illinois. What a change in lifestyle! The school in New Mexico was small and when you walked past others on your way to class you said “Hi” to everyone. But at the University of Illinois there were thousands and thousands more people and some there seemed surprised at a friendly “Good Morning” greeting made from a passing student.

I installed manufacturing equipment for over 20 years at factories throughout the world and have been lucky to work in every state of our fabulous country. As a result of my travels I have had the great fortune of working with people from all races and diverse backgrounds. The truth is there is something I liked about every place I worked. Every living person has some amazing aspects when you get to talk to them!! Everybody has a different story and a different angle from my own perspective.

Cycle Path, Moab Ut

I have always loved riding 2-wheel vehicles and exploring the outdoors. When having personal conversations with my customers, 99% of the time, this subject would come up. One of my favorite customers from the Bronx in New York offered me some advice. He said “Tom, you are in the wrong line of work. You are, more than anyone I have ever met, one that lives to ride and rides to live. You have the most single track mind I have ever met. You are a ‘cyclepath’ biker.”

Well, to make a long story short, I want to have a positive effect on the world and I had a brainstorm. I am an expert trials rider of both motorcycles and bicycles. (This means I am good at riding vehicles through extremely tough terrain, at slow speeds, and not falling down. I never needed the fast speed factor to have fun.) So here is my idea.

I have the most amazing, unique motorized trail bikes in the world. They are specifically designed to go slow, are quiet, are lightweight, and beginner friendly, yet capable of also providing extreme fun for expert bicyclists and motorcyclists. These bikes are the perfect vehicle for sightseeing and exploring wonderful and vast Moab terrain in a completely new and unique way that offers the best of mountain biking, motorcycling, rock crawling, and hiking combined.

I would love to take you on a personal tour on my bikes while you are here in Moab. There is no place in the world that has this much natural beauty. Lets go have some fun and I will show you another fascinating perspective of Moab different from any other activity you have ever done.

I would like to especially thank the Moab community for being so kind and helpful in getting my dreams off the ground. Special thanks to Sheri Griffith, Ethyl Krist at the OK RV Campground, John Marshall at Coyote Land Tours, Chad at Madbro Motorsports, Tom at Action Shots, John at Moab Cyclery, Ryon and his wife at Chile Pepper Bike Shop, all the Parriott family and Area BFE (kewlest 4-wheel place in the world!).
One-half of Sundays profits will be donated to Moab charitable organizations.

To arrange a motorized bike tour with CyclePath Bike Tours, contact Tom Taggart at 435-260-6147. CyclePath Bike Tours is located at 397 N. Main Street in Moab and be sure to mention you read about it in MoabHappenings.


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