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Business Happenings - September 2010

Moab Luxury Coach
by Brian Murphy

Moab Luxury CoachMy first real summer work experience, at the early age of fourteen, was the genesis of starting this service, “MOAB LUXURY COACH.” I landed a summer job with the US government in a program for teenage dependents of military parents serving overseas. I was assigned to the motor pool in support of a U.S. Army Transportation command in Rotterdam, Holland. Initially, my duties were menial and consisted of cleaning vehicles, which meant I washed a lot of olive drab vehicles. No matter how much you wash an olive drab “Deuce and a Half”, sedan, station wagon, van or pickup, they still look like they need to be washed. Soon, I was trusted with additional responsibility in the Dispatch Office. That’s where I grasped the need for exacting organizational and attention-to-detail skills. The Sergeant in charge of the motor pool took the time to train me in the duties of motor transport control. By the end of the summer, I was executing all the duties of a Dispatcher. I kept operational and maintenance records on repairs, mileage, and fuel consumption for all vehicles and drivers.

During my third year of college, I was commissioned, early, as an Army Infantry Lieutenant, and after graduation, was attached to a Brigade of a U.S. Army Armored Division in Germany for two years. The following twenty years were spent as a successful medical device salesman. That period of my life ended in 2007 with the deterioration of our nation’s economy. Mergers, down-sizing and the economy made me “Available to industry!” While I sought, unsuccessfully, to find employment in the medical sales sector, I supported myself by taking a chauffeuring position with the “Best Limousine Service in the United States with a fleet of 25 to 50 limousines and small busses.” The irony of this job was that six months earlier I was one of those professionals who USED limousine services.

Moab Luxury CoachThe following winter, I applied my skills and professional ski instructor’s certification to gain employment as a professional ski instructor at Deer Valley Resort in Park City, Utah. When not instructing, I operated my own Limo under the auspices of a Park City luxury SUV transportation company four or five nights a week. Our clientele were those affluent guests who vacation at Deer Valley and also, at times, celebrities of the motion picture industry. This was the beginning of my interest in developing a luxury SUV service of my own.

After coming to Moab and discovering how much this area offers, I formed Moab Luxury Coach to meet the needs of vacationers who wanted comfortable and stylish transportation in the local area after a great day in the outdoors; four-wheeling, Hummering, rafting, trail-biking, climbing etc. As I made the rounds to introduce myself to Moab motel, hotel and campground managers, I learned from many of them that their guests inquire about guided ours to and through the many venues. Because of the frequency of these comments, I started to advertise as a Taxi/Luxury/SUV on-demand service. Soon, the possibilities became realities. We know, “It pays to advertise,” and my efforts here have produced positive results. Within the next few days I received a call from a long time Moab resident who wanted to know about my transportation services. She had just learned that her reliable shuttle to Salt Lake City had announced it was terminating operations. Opportunity was knocking! This revelation was fortuitous for me, and I accelerated my efforts into hyper drive. I knew I could provide the service to fill this void. I am attempting to determine who depended upon reliable shuttle service to Salt Lake City for medical appointments, airport service and other events.

I am happy to announce that as the founder and owner of Moab Luxury Coach, I am launching a full service transportation company that will be based in Moab, serve the community and hire Moab residents to drive the year around shuttles between Moab, Grand Junction, Blanding, Monticello, Green River, Price, Provo, Salt Lake City and Tooele.

Moab Luxury Coach Services will provide: guided tours of the parks; on-demand SUV service to locations between Salt Lake City and St. George; scheduled shuttle services to Salt Lake City and Grand Junction, taxi service in Moab, Spanish Trail and Castle Valley. Moab Luxury Coach is a member of a nation-wide dispatching organization and will arrange car and limousine service in the United States and twenty other countries. I intend this to be a great service to Moab residents who are making travel plans and need private transportation at destination.

I look forward to establishing a consistent and reliable transportation service that will meet needs of the vacationers who come to Moab for the high desert experience and to see a truly wonderful part of this great state.

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