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The Sweet Savor of Gratitude and Grandma’s Recipes:The New Moab Grill!
By Linda Schmidt
The Garcia family cooks! And now they present first-class cooking at the Moab Grill. As they enter their new family enterprise as both management and cook staff of this landmark restaurant, they are filled with gratitude to those who have helped them.

They want to express their thanks to Eddie Snyder for being a good boss, giving them the opportunity to learn together in his kitchen. Gabriel, Rosa (the Grandma who looks 29, but has four grandchildren!), Manuel, and Ricardo are the original cook staff of Eddie McStiff’s. Juan (Leo) and Luis worked at Zax’s for seventeen years, and Juan occasionally shared his time and skills with his family at McStiff’s. The Moab Grill has brought back Eddie’s famous Miso Dressing, and the Garcia family is glad that the Eddie “seasoning” can continue to flavor the Moab restaurant scene.

They also warmly thank Colin Fryer, the owner of Moab Grill, for enabling their family to become part of the Fryer Family, and for allowing them to make their dream come true on his property.

Indeed, for the last ten years or more Gabriel has had a dream—that they could operate their own family restaurant. Note “they.” It had to be the whole family or nothing. When they were children in Michoacan, Mexico (where the Monarch butterflies winter), their parents told them they must stick together, and they have! They came together to Moab to work and grow as a family, and the happy result: a realized dream!

Collectively, they have at least 83 years of culinary experience, meaning highly developed skills. Every Moab Grill meal is prepared individually per order. Because they themselves are the cook staff and they really care, they can do this! Working together for all these years has not been the easiest thing, they say with big smiles, but it has molded them into an efficient and productive team that neither needs nor wants to cut corners.

They have kept the former name of the restaurant, but it is altogether new inside. Remodeled and decorated with prints by cowboy artist Don Weller, it has a high-vibe menu with offerings that range from cowboy to European to Mexican, with a nuevo flair. It includes breakfast burritos, fresh fish and chips made with home-made beer batter, pasta, fish tacos, a Mediterranean plate, Juan’s Nutella crepes, Mexican chocolate cake (an irresistible Grandma recipe) and even pizza, baked in their new pizza oven. They grind their own beef for the freshest burgers. Steak and fish are among their classy dinner entrees. Their rule is fresh! At least seventy percent of their meals are entirely home-made with that special Grandma taste—the taste developed by years of experience making people happy!

Treat yourself to the satisfying savor of Grandma’s recipes for breakfast, lunch or dinner, or maybe all three! The new Moab Grill is open from 7am to 10pm daily. Located next to the Bighorn Lodge, they have ample parking. Insist on saying hello to Rosa- you won’t believe she is a grandma any more than I do! This excellent family restaurant is located at 540 South Main Street. Phone 435-250-4848.

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