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Pinyon Tree Gift Shop and Boutique: Gifts for Heart and Home
By Linda Schmidt

For friends and family, for locals and visitors: Pinyon Tree Gift Shop and Boutique has an enormous collection of appealing items that range from high quality hand-made crafts to just-for-fun gifts. Whether you are visiting or live in Moab, you will find something here for everyone on your list, and probably more than one thing for yourself!

Thriving on Main Street for seventeen years, Pinyon Tree has had great success with its eclectic inventory. Operated by manager Cathy Randall, now in her 13th season, and Joe Chacon, who holds the fort down in the evening, the business has a welcoming, friendly atmosphere. It is one of those shops in which you are certain that you’ve seen it all, but when you turn around something new appears. It’s fun—you’ll definitely want to take your time here!

Brilliantly colored hand-made pottery glints on the shelves in bold colors, decorated with petroglyphs and other southwestern patterns. Unusual creations such as a sponge holder with its own tray stand out in a collection from a Colorado studio. Nearby are intriguing flame pots and iridescent raku dreamcatcher jars, ceramic lizards, coasters, trays and more.

Wall décor includes ‘wall spirits’ of metal and stone, elaborate wooden and metal southwestern crosses, paintings, humorous signs and plaques, and huge enameled feathers. The shop features the fascinating collages of local artist Wilma Sliger: unique works of various fabrics, buttons, and even scraps of corrugated cardboard pieced together into frames for vintage portrait photos.

Need bears? You can find all kinds of bears here, from large chain-saw yard art bears to small carved shelf bears, and a collection of ‘Posey’ bears that are actually poseable. Other wooden creatures include delightful braying wild burros, and in a free-standing jewelry case—look carefully—winsome birds with long fiber tails just waiting for a home.

A curative Native American product, ‘Pinyon Healing Cream’ from Nellie Sozie in Arizona, is located at the front counter. Kachinas, dreamcatchers, blankets and pillows, Native American jewelry and hand-made pots with stylistic petroglyphs are other southwestern specialties featured by Pinyon Tree.

Tree ornaments? In addition to locally themed ornaments are the collectibles of ‘Patience and Brewster’—truly fantastic creatures! Journals? Yes, with fine tooled leather covers and hand made paper pages. What else? Windcatchers, walking sticks, John Wayne plaques and puzzles, area books, Chums, Real Salt, toys, popular metal pocket tokens, Rafters flip-flops, sunhats, T-shirts, sundresses, and many, many other goodies!

Plan your visit to Pinyon Tree Gift Shop. There is something here for every heart and every home! Open daily from 9am to 10pm (or closing), located at 82 South Main Street. Phone 435-719-2086. Email is

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