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Snake Oil Coffee Company
Going Strong Since Best Friends Baristas Opened in 2020
By Sharon Sullivan

Discover where many Moab residents go for coffee off the Main drag by visiting Snake Oil Coffee Company, a drive-up coffee shop at 495 W. 400 North.

“It was designed to be a Moab homey spot,” though visitors also frequent this popular coffee shop on the north end of town, said the 35-year-old co-owner Harrison McDowell.

Here you’ll find all the traditional coffee drinks, including – Americano, cappuccino, macchiato, brewed coffee, lattes, chai, and other types of teas.

Snake Oil Coffee also offers specialty drinks including: The Golden Specific Elixer, a golden milk latte with a blend of spices that includes turmeric, Ceylon, black pepper, two shots of espresso, honey and milk. (It’s also available without caffeine, and can be made with an alternative milk such as oat or almond).

A second specialty coffee is the Hamlin Wizard Oil beverage that blends coffee with butter and coconut oil, along with collagen and Half-and-Half creamer. A third fancy coffee is the Vin Mariani, a hazelnut mocha drink, that McDowell said was named for a legendary snake oil salesman.

Both McDowell and his business partner and best friend Andrew (Drew) Domenick grew up in Moab (Domenick is a native, whereas McDowell moved here with his family when he was 5 from Salt Lake City). The two friends were born on the same day – December 9, 1986.

“We’ve both been baristas for 15 years – we do it well,” McDowell said. “We know our way around the business. It’s always been in the back of my mind to own a coffee shop at some point.”

Business has been “awesome; it’s really good,” since opening the shop in March 2020, McDowell said.

Snake Oil Coffee Company also sells baked goods from Baked by Rachel, a local Moab baker who delivers chocolate muffins, banana, and pumpkin breads, or savory scones such as spinach and feta, or ham and asiago cheese a few days a week.

Snake Oil’s coffee comes from Mill Creek Roasters in Salt Lake City.

“They’re awesome; When we were shopping for coffee we tried 10 different roasters,” McDowell said. “Mill creek by far came out on top.”

The coffee shop offers 20% discounts for local police officers, firefighters, search and rescue volunteers, and hospital workers.

Snake Oil Coffee Company is opened daily, from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Visit them on Facebook at

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