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Off The Wall Art Gallery

Off The Wall Art Gallery is Moab’s newest art gallery. We offer a wide array of mediums from metal, clay, and glass to water color, pastels, and oils. This month we are featuring new works by two of our artists, and a gourd making workshop.

Linda pampinella, photographerLinda Pampinella is a photographer from Durango, Colorado. She has always had an interest in photography, but with her early retirement in 2005 she’s been able to focus on improving her skills. Linda says that ‘going digital’ was a turning point for her in terms of becoming an artist as well as a photographer. “Patterns and color have always attracted me, so making abstract photographs seemed like a natural progression for my work. I enjoy seeking out “works of art” in unconventional places and am most often inspired by the natural colors and shapes in nature. I closely scrutinize objects to find interesting designs hidden within. Then that small portion of the original object becomes a complete work of art in and of itself.”

Jay Johnson mirror
Jay Johnson is a stained glass artist that specializes in more contemporary, abstract designs. He received his bachelors degree in 1976, but had been running his own various art businesses since he was 12. He opened a large pottery business with a friend in 1974 and developed a wholesale line of products with accounts that included Knotts Berry Farm and Magic Mountain. He had a second career in the casino industry for 8 years but continued making and selling his artwork. Jay made the switch to glass in 1999 and has slowly created a successful wholesale business. He is currently working on a new line of fused glass and jewelry that he will be introducing in the spring. Jay lives in Mancos, Colorado with his wife Laura.

Janice Reich, artist

Janice Reich, a gourd artist, is also from Mancos, Colorado. In 2003 after 25 years of breeding and training Arabian Horses, Janice and her husband Jim sold their ranch and traveled for 5 years, taking art classes along the way. She discovered gourds in the form of a drum, fell in love with the sound and surface and began taking drum making classes soon thereafter. Janice will be doing a 2 day workshop on gourd making here at the gallery on October 14th and 15th from 6-9 p.m.

Thursdays class will be all about bowls, and Friday’s class will be on making dolls with gourds. If you are interested in one or both days you can come by the gallery or call to sign up. For details about supplies, cost etc., you can also check out the schedule of events on our web site,, or e-mail Collette at,

Off the Wall Gallery, Moab

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