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For your Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Health & Well-being - January 2003

Are you Psychic?

Or What?!

Christy Williams, Psychic Healer, Teacher

Have you ever walked into a crowded room, a party for instance, and left immediately because of an internal tip, just a feeling? Ever avoided a person you didn’t know much about but just knew they would “suck your energy”? You were reading the energy. You were using your ability to clearly see, and acting accordingly. You were psychic. Have you ever ignored these perceptions and regretted it? If so, you participated in a common invalidation. Our natural psychic abilities have historically taken a load of judgment. Psychics = woo-woo is the short hand refrain. The truth is that your own perceptive power can, with practice and the validation of experience, utterly change yourself and the world. Do you think that miracles don’t happen anymore? The truth is they happen all the time. They are just discounted, ignored. As a clairvoyant practitioner, I see, sense and work with the vibrational energy that manifests as physical reality. I teach about this energy and your abilities to work with it, too. Why? For change.

Here we are at the season of compassionate relatedness, the new year time when we resolve to change. We are so smart. Even our appliances are smart. We know so much about everything, and can shoot this information around the world in less than a second, but we still long to balance the discord between heart/head, spirit/will, man/woman, parent/child, and sovereign nations. We still question why we are here, and who we are, and whether we will ever change.

As Rumi said in the 13th century, “Sit, Be still and Listen, for you are drunk and we are at the edge of the roof’. So we sit here, on the edge of the roof, at the top of this paragraph, looking out at the vast desert sky. We are made of the same components as those stars, that atmosphere. The page you are holding, the hands you are holding it with are an arrangement of atoms, molecules and the “invisible” space between them. They are vibrating, moving at a particular rate which makes them what they appear to be. But the closer we look at matter, the more we notice the in between, the matrix through which these visible particles dance. The most exciting, cutting edge science is paying attention to this space, because it appears to be responsive. To attention.

There is alchemy in attention, and there has perhaps never been a more appropriate time to practice it. Our phrases reveal deeper meaning. We “pay” attention because it is valuable. Exercising our focused attention is crucial to create the personal and collective reality we desire instead of that which we fear. American psychologist and philosopher William James says that “each of us literally chooses, by his ways of attending to things, what sort of a universe he shall appear to himself to inhabit”. The alchemy of embodied attention affects the outcome of whatever is the object of our focus. Where is the science supporting this assertion? Einstein gave us a beautiful, succinct proof of relatedness, the Theory of Relativity. The Energy within and throughout every molecule is equal to manifest Matter. The energy and belief patterns we embody vibrate out from our hearts in a wave, registering ripples in a matrix that is non-local. It is everywhere, everywhen.

In The Isaiah Effect, Gregg Braden* writes: “Scientists suspect that the relationship between mass focus of attention [prayer] and the activity of individuals in communities is due to a phenomenon known as the field effect of consciousness. Much like Joseph’s description of the sage, where the experience of one plant affects the entire field, studies of specific population samples appear to bear out this relationship”.
By using your clairvoyance, your deep inner attention, you can access your own divine truth. It is a literally healing state of consciousness, an awareness of the infinite field. It is already there, and learning tools to practice seeing it can open up your limitless nature, and change your life. It has certainly changed mine.

As a life long spiritually curious person, I have had many great teachers in a wide spread of esoteric and orthodox traditions. I have been practicing my intuitive skills all my life, though my capacity as a “seer” and healer really began to culminate in 5 years of intensive clairvoyant training through the Southwest Center for Spiritual Studies. I graduated there, and am honored to continue in its tradition at Convivium. Many of the Southwest Centers’ former students and its founder Jeff Johnston, continue to participate in select classes at Convivium.

Convivium is a latin word that means “room in which to share life.” It is a suitable name then, for a safe and trusting environment where exploration of the inner living space is the focus. A convivial feeling is present there too, as taking oneself lightly helps “lift the lid”. You are invited!

Classes offered include: Beginning Meditation for any age or gender, where you can playfully acquaint yourself with basic tools and joys of self-discovery;

Psychic Healing, in which you can learn and practice seeing energy directly as well as healing core energetic wounds or imbalances in the self and others;

The Changing Course for Women, an on-going Monday night course for those who have working practice with the basic tools and the self-permission necessary to change into who they really are.

Advanced Clairvoyant Intensives are offered as participation allows. All courses give way to an expanded awareness and experience around your ability to perceive and work with the subtle, all pervasive energy that manifests as physical reality.

A great way to introduce yourself to these techniques is through the Free Healing Clinics on Mondays from 5-7 p for women and Wednesdays 4:30 to 6:30 p for everyone, even the four-legged. Any donations are gratefully accepted.

Private Clairvoyant readings are an intimate and very effective way to access information and exercise your considerable power of choice regarding the beliefs and stuck patterns located in your physical and etheric space. Attending to this energy can unlock enthusiasm and give great momentum. Life purpose, relationship to self, to others, to prosperity, to physical and emotional well being are a few focal points. Phone readings and references are available.

*Tune into Ear to The Ground, Christy’s radio show on KZMU 89. 7 fm on January 24th at 1: 00 pm right after the Trading Post! She will conduct a live interview with Scientist/Author Gregg Braden. They’ll be discussing the technology of prayer, Unified Field Theory and the Quantum Holograph.

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