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For your Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Health & Well-being - June 2003

A Naturopathic Practitioner in the “ Wild West.”

Bodil Holstein
Naturopathic Practitioner


Have you ever been touched by an Angel?

I believe I have been touched by an angel several times in my life, I just did not know it until I began working with spirituality.

One of the more specific times it happened was back in January 1990. At that time I had been paralyzed for several months from my waist down after a fall. My doctor told me that I needed surgery, but I felt that if I did that then I would surely be paralyzed forever. My intuition told me; “No, don’t do it.” A few weeks later I was healed in only two seconds. A miracle!

That episode changed my life totally. From then on I worked step by step with the Spirit As a stubborn woman and not believing in these things I now recognized that there was more between the Universe and the Earth than you could see. I needed this experience in my life to get started with my new work. It is the hardest job you can get on Earth. To become an Earth Angel you have to go through so many hard experiences and tests that you just cannot imagine. Is it worth it would you ask? Yes, for me it is, because I know that through my experiences I can help other people to become healthier.

I also learned to be humble and that very small things makes me happy. A nice attitude from an adult or a child makes me smile and feel good and make me do the same to others. From the Native Americans, especially the medicine people I lived with, I learned not to value the material things but to value the human being.

Before I started working with the Spirit I flew around the world so many times, to observe, to explore the environment, the people and nature. My whole life turned around in 1996. I shifted the values in my life. I followed my heart to visit the Native Americans in United States. I flew back and forth between Europe and the US. I lived with the Native Americans as a family member learning their culture and healing arts. And I brought Western and Eastern medicine knowledge to them.

I spoke on behalf of the Native Americans in Europe and was invited to speak on European TV, radio and to write for magazines to demonstrate the various tribes and their traditions. I also wanted to find my spiritual roots. It took me a while to find them, but I did and that is why I love the four corner states so much, this is home to me.

By a coincidence I came back into the healing art again in the mid 1980’s – this time to work with natural medicine and treatments. It takes a number of years and much money to educate yourself in this field. It is a never-ending study, because there are so many subjects in this field and you have to update yourself all the time, which makes it more exciting.

Now I combine all my study and learning from the Native Americans, the Eastern and the Western World and give the best treatments possible for the clients.

My qualifications are in Herbalogy, Homeopathy, Vitamin & Minerals, Natural Medicine, Nutrition, Intuitive Healing, *Tests in Body, Mind and Soul, **Reflexology, NLP, Kinesiology, Seven-star Therapy, Psychology, Spirituality. I teach seminars in ***meditation, depression, and hospice help for the hospice person and his family.

Nutrition and fitness are mentioned in all my work.

*Vitamin/Mineral/Health/Psychology test – also called Radiestesi Test. This testing will show you where to improve your health with fewer pills/capsules. It is important to bring all the products you use, so they can be tested. This test finds almost anything in your body, which is needed or NOT needed.
**Reflexology is a form of acupuncture performed on the soles of your feet, where almost all illnesses can be helped. This is a three-year education in Denmark, so we know our work very well. It is on the level of a RN. How many treatments do you need? It depends on the problem.
***Energy and spiritual workshops: Workshop with 5-12 people in a group, where you will be guided into a meditation. You will see and meet your problems, which we will work out together. It last from one to two hours.

During my seminars around the world it has helped a lot of people looking into themselves and also to be aware of things they never knew existed. Most people walk out after a workshop with a relieved smile on their faces. Things like that make me happy. I teach in groups because that shows that you are not alone with your problem. We are all there to help each other.

I run a Sweat Lodge for women and for mixed people. The Sweat Lodge is not a sauna or a fun place. The heat gets rid of your toxins and the prayers get rid of your bad thoughts. It is a place to pray for your loved ones, a sick person or for yourself. It works very well and it is healthy too.

A Sweat Lodge Ceremony last from two and a half hour to four hours. We are praying for children, teen-agers, the elderly and ourselves. This is a life experience for everybody and you feel so much better afterwards.

Other techniques I use are checking for Earth Radiation – another word for this is Water Rays. The Chinese and the German people were the first ones to discover these rays and to understand how to use them or avoid them. I will give some examples here:

Example 1: During a vacation in Austria, I spent some weeks at a guesthouse. After two sleepless nights of listening to a baby scream I looked into the problem and measured the room and found a better place for the baby bed. Since then the little boy slept happy and well in his new location. I talked to the mother about SIDS, which ‘hits ‘ babies around 3 to 5 month old. Just moving the bed can solve most of these cases.

Example 2: A man invited me to his house to measure it for his family. I told him the location of woman’s bed would give her trouble with her chest or breasts. The man then told me, that his former wife died of breast cancer less than a year earlier. Now his new wife has the same symptoms. We moved their bed.

Another of my skills is in hospice work. I help just as much the hospice person as the close family or friends. At first I explain to the hospice person the situation he/she is in and what he/she can expect ‘on the other side.’ This always makes it clear to the hospice person. Then I talk to the family and friends about what is going on and how they can prepare themselves for the loved one’s transition. It is sometimes harder on the person(s) left behind that on the person in transition.

I like to see people getting healthy and fit and I am happy to have so many good results with my treatments, consultations, workshops and seminars. These are results of my ten-year formal training as a Naturopathic Practitioner and 18 years of practicing the healing arts.

My dream is to build or to be donated a property and a house for a healing center. To add a retreat and a fitness center. Why? It is a stressed world we live in and even a healthy person needs to relax and gain energy. What would be better than spent a week or two in a beautiful environment, hiking, biking, walking, swimming, horseback-riding etc. and at the same time get a health check-up!

Another part of my dream is to build a “Children’s Village.” My idea comes from an experience I had in Austria with the SOS-Kinderdorf. This village is to help abused children of any age and color of the skin. These children are given the love and a warm-hearted family they did not have before. With much love, care and understanding these children become healthy and whole and can participate more positive and fully in the life we are all meant to live.

I hope one day to be able to see my dream come true!

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