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For your Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Health & Well-being - August 2003

Kira Schneider

Reiki, Cranial Sacral Therapy,
Soul Talk, Chakra Work, Past Lives

Go For It and Heal
Emotionally, Spiritually and Physically

Years ago in a spiritual workshop in Hawaii one of the teachers said to me these seemingly common words, “Follow your heart...!” It just hit me! To me that meant I was allowed to live my dreams, find my passion, find my joy! What’s my heart saying? Do you follow your heart? Very often we live up to somebody else’s expectations: parents, friends, a partner, society, and don’t even realize it.

How do we recognize if it is our own dream or someone else’s idea? The difference is if you truly enjoy what you are doing, it’s your dream; If you are just hanging in there, enduring the process, just desperate for the result, it is probably someone else’s dream.

Not living our dreams and our passions can really make us sick and depressed. My passion is to find out what dynamics are playing in one’s life and looking at the emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual connections. What motivates us? Where are we putting our focus? It is very interesting to see how psychological stresses, beliefs and attitudes influence corresponding areas of the human body. That is, of course, because body, heart and soul are one and unseparable. For instance, stomach problems: the stomach holds nourishment and digests. The possible psychological connection is you might not digest life with ease; or the situation you are in; fear of the new. Heart problems: heart represents love, compassion, forgiveness. The possible psychological connection could be lack of joy; long standing emotional problems; belief in strain and stress.

I see life as an exciting journey of self-discovery, discovering our essence without limitations, doubts, fears or shame. Imagine how that would feel!

Self-discovery reconnects us with our innate power, strength, joy and happiness. In our hearts we know that at our deepest level we are divine; spirit in flesh, unlimited, joyful, loving, ecstatic and free. However, all too often what is real day-to-day is not our freedom, but our limitations, not our joy, but our pain. For many of us what is real is what holds us back not what sets us free.

I feel that the body, mind and soul are a unit, therefore, work that is done on the body effects the soul and vice-a-versa, work on the soul effects the body and the mind.

Reiki, Cranial Sacral and Soul Talk are wonderful tools to reconnect with your body, heart and soul.

Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing art. It releases energy blocks and balances the flow of energy through your body. Reiki is absolutely relaxing and refreshing.

Cranial Sacral Therapy
Cranial Sacral Therapy is deep and intense bodywork. Cranial Sacral Therapy works with the pulse system of the cerebral spinal fluid that nourishes the central nervous system. Cranial Sacral Therapy supports the body’s natural ability for self-regulation and self-healing. This work is deeply relaxing.

Soul Talk
Soul Talk allows your heart and soul to talk. Imagine counseling on a spiritual level, discovering the spiritual connection about what is going on in your life.

Past Lives
Past Lives connect and work with cell memory. Everything that ever happened to us in this or in other lifetimes is stored in our cells. If you cannot find the cause of a problem, a phobia or and irrational fear in your current life, the source might be in your past life. By recognizing and acknowledging an issue, the issue can be resolved.

“My experience with Kira has been a deep level of past life information in a gentle and subtle way.”
Tammy Weaver

“Kira has the ability to unlock your hidden doors so your inner butterfly may emerge.”
Janis Adkins

“My first experience with Kira was absolutely remarkable. I found the atmosphere calming, comfortable and relaxing; the conversation was insightful, open and supportive, but perhaps the most unexpected result was the remarkable relief I got from the physical back pain. Every subsequent visit has continued to have many benefits to my well being!”
Barbara A. Gerety

Kira has been living in Moab and loving it since 1996. She has had Reiki and Cranial Sacral training in Zurich, Switzerland and has worked with a spiritual teacher for over 11 years on personal development. She has been trained by that teacher in Clearings and Past Life Regression.

Happy Journey!

For appointment or more information,
please call 260-1767

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