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For your Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Health & Well-being - October 2003

The Massage Therapists
at 50 E. Center Street are the “Moab Resource”
for your overall Body, Mind and Spiritual Wellbeing

This Fall Season is the time to support your immune system for the coming winter months!

Healing Arts on Center, Studio #5,
Annie Henderson, LMT, 260-1002
Whether your goal is to simply unwind or you wish to address a more serious problem, I can work with you to achieve your health goals. I offer Massage Therapy, Spinal Touch Treatments, Reiki and now offering the Q2 Energy Spa!

Q2 Energy Spa…The Q2 Energy Spa realigns, balances and enhances your bio energetic levels. You simply sit and relax with your feet in a water bath and what happens is amazing! Experience vitality, clarity and an overall sense of wellbeing. Some of the benefits are increased vitality, more energy, pain relief, stress relief and detoxification.

Spinal Touch Treatment is a soft tissue, non-force, energetic “body mechanics” alignment that corrects postural distortion. Distortion left uncorrected leads to exhaustion and disease.

Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage treats arthritis, back pain, headaches, TMJ, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel syndrome, sports injuries, insomnia, depression and more. Massage reduces stress and anxiety, increasing blood circulation, lymph function and oxygen levels.

Reiki is a hands-on healing art of channeling Universal Life Force Energy. It is peaceful, soothing, quiet and relaxing creating a change of awareness that allows your body to balance its energy and promote self-healing. I offer full body sessions or can integrate Reiki into Massage and Spinal Touch sessions.

Lisa Albert Massage, Studio #8, L.M.T.
Nationally Certified in Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork, 260-9506.
I blend Western and Eastern techniques: Swedish, Polarity, Tuina and Shiatsu to create a massage that is specific to your needs. I also offer Spinal Touch. To tailor a massage that is just right for you, I rely on 8 years of schooling and practice, as well as my intuition. Leave your stress and sore muscles behind and feel pampered in a serene setting.

Don’t let the Desert damage your skin! I feature a full facial product line called Flawless by Patricia. Developed by a cosmetic chemist and aesthetician from California, these products will help keep your skin looking young. The line includes: Cleansers, Toners and Moisturizers for all skin types. Specific products are available for Sun damage, Rosacea, Acne,
Hyperpigmentation. Free samples are available.

Heaven and Back Massage, Studio #9,
Janna Kyle, LMT, 260-2058
When your body talks, what does it say? Unfortunately, for most of us, the chaos of our everyday lives can drown out the important signals. Bodywork from a caring licensed Massage Therapist can benefit the entire body through awareness, relieve emotional tensions and revive a listless spirit! Be generous to yourself this Fall Season and discover the wonder of massage. Stay “In Touch” and Stay Healthy, please call for your appointment.

Heartstone Massage, Studio #1,
Alana Weiser, LMT, 260-9754
I am a graduate of the Utah College of Massage Therapy, class of ’93. In 2001, while practicing massage at Orvis Hot Springs, I discovered La Stone Therapy. Having grown up with a passion for the Earth, I immediately connected with this powerful form of bodywork. La Stone uses hot and cold stones to provide a therapeutic, relaxing, deep-tissue and cleansing treatment. It is a massage that combines the principles of thermotherapy, energy work, deep-tissue manipulation and spiritual alignment. La Stone is the original hot rock treatment. A La Stone practioner receives the best possible training available in this modality. I have a passion for this work and am the only La Stone practitioner in Moab at this time.

In addition to offering La Stone Therapy, I also offer awesome bodywork! Whether you desire deep-tissue or a relaxing, stress-reducing massage I can deliver. I love my work and intend to become nationally certified in therapeutic massage before the end of this year. For more information about La Stone Therapy or to schedule an appointment, please call or drop by my office, walk-ins are welcome!

Gift Certificates, Package Pricing,
Group Bookings Available
Located Behind the Moab Information Center!

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