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For your Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Health & Well-being - January 2004

Infinite Health - The Bridge
Music/Sound Therapy

Annette Kearl, MA, MT-BC

Vibrational Communication:
Music and the Physical and Subtle Bodies

Since the beginning of human history, we have been musical beings. From the earliest sounds of wood and stone striking a rhythm in the African night, to the elaborate chants in a medieval monastery, humans have used music to give language to spiritual mysteries, emotional tales, and physical desires. Music is a vibrational communication that is universally understood by all human beings. The messages of music reach across time, race and culture.

We are musical beings because the very substance of our universe is music - ready to serve and inspire through its vibration. All vibration in our aura, in the energy fields around us, is full of musical notes in suspension. Sound and music are such a vital part of our lives because we ourselves are composed of musical vibration. We are music deeply, to the smallest particle of our being. We are music in the nucleus of our DNA, in our molecular structure. In our melodic consciousness rests the essence of our origin. This resonance reflects the divine pattern, the archetype, which enables us to become more than our personality and our biology. Physicist Joel Sternheimer discovered that each molecule in the body corresponds to a specific melody. There is a distinct affinity between sections of the music of various composers and the melodic structure of certain molecules. Woven through the music of Beethoven, for example, are the melodies of ACTH (Kidney molecule), Anti-tripsine (Lung molecule) and Cytochrome (Liver molecule). Beethoven died from complications arising from these internal organs. According to Joel Sternheimer’s research, each molecule in our body can be reactivated through resonance if it “hears” its corresponding molecular melody. Was Beethoven aware at some level of his internal imbalances and attempting to reactivate these molecules through the melodies he created? Toward the end of his life, when Beethoven’s friends asked him how he was doing, he answered, “my doctor can’t do anything anymore for me, but the music can.” There is no doubt that Beethoven understood the mysteries of the physical and spiritual effect of music.

You may have heard of the Mozart Effect. Mozart suffered from Tourette’s disorder which is now classified in psychology along with attention deficit disorder. Currently, Mozart’s music is being used with ADHD resulting in the stimulation of neurological pathways that produce brainwave coherence and focused attention (Tomatis/The Listening Program). What was Mozart up to?

At the other end of the spectrum, in African music from Ghana there are many melodies which have a repetitive structure. In this music the melody of the molecule, collagen, which affects the skin and hair was found. A cassette tape of African music could possibly do much more to create young looking skin than an a jar of collagen cream.


How Musical Messages are Received
from Subtle to Physical Anatomy

Science has come a long way in its understanding of how sound works in the body. Knowledge has progressed from the theory that a sounding vibration is transformed into vibratory energy by the eardrum and then into electrical and chemical energy. We now know that when the brain hears different melodies, it can dispatch these melodies through the neocortex to the molecules of the body.

Before the brain to the physical body’s molecular structure can dispatch musical melodies, they must first travel through the subtle bodies. The molecular structure of the physical body is enveloped by a least six subtler energy bodies. Because these subtle bodies are composed of progressively finer and higher frequencies of subtle matter, they can interpenetrate each other and the physical body. They can also be seen by clairvoyants and Kirlian photography as extending beyond the physical body in what we normally call the aura. The subtle bodies structure and nurture the physical body and consciousness. Any vibrational influence coming from music, sound, light, color is received by one of our subtle body envelopes. These messages are kept on hold in our aura until such time as our consciousness can accept and integrate them into our lives.
If, for example, you listen to Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5, certain sequences of this music will leave vibrational messages in your aura. This information will be stored in different levels of your subtle anatomy until it can be integrated. For example, a slower frequency of music might resonate with the frequency of your astral/emotional subtle body. Your emotional response to the music would travel through that subtle body and no doubt, you would have an immediate emotional response. Another quality or frequency might be recorded in your mental subtle body at the same time. This message could be integrated consciously in the form of an immediate creative idea or be on hold until the moment you are ready to receive the information. The etheric body would record the direct energetic vitality of the instruments playing the music. The internal organs in the physical body would receive and record the energy of the specific musical instrument which benefits each organ.


The Overtone Table and Columns of Sound

For two summers, I studied in France with Fabien Maman at the Academy of Sound, Color and Movement. In the monastery there, my intentions were two-fold: to learn the techniques, experience and receive the vibrational essence in my energetic fields of not only the overtone table and columns, but the Pyramid and Arch of Sound, incredible sound structures. My other intention was as a scientist. With my biofeedback, I measured physiological responses of attendees experiencing the healing techniques and sound structures. I could afford to purchase the overtone table and columns of sound. One lies on the table. Underneath are many strings that when played vibrate up through a comfortable sand pad. The table is tuned seasonally to harmonize and regenerate the physical organ for that season (D is for Winter and the Kidney). I play the table like a harp. Though tuned to one fundamental pitch, the table begins to sing the overtone series, enveloping the body in harmonious sounds. The columns of sound suspend over the body. I play them in a progression to first expand the consciousness and then integrate and concentrate the experience. Other sounds played around the body represent the elements Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Metal based on Chinese medicine. The treatment balances the physiology and harmonizes the subtle energy and physical body. For people without specific health challenges, a seasonal tuning is recommended. For those who have health challenges, let’s talk.

Annette Kearl, MA, received degrees in music therapy and music education in 1988. Her masters is in psychology with an emphasis in psychophysiology and behavioral medicine. She is certified by Deepak Chopra to teach Primordial Sound Meditation and has studied Ayurvedic Mind/Body Medicine with he and David Simon, M.D.

Annette can be reached at 259-8404 or 260-8302.

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