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For your Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Health & Well-being - July 2004

From the Heart...
Soul Talk, Energy Work with Kira

Are you looking for inner peace? Joy and happiness? Balance and groundedness? Want to relax? Have peace of mind? Feeling restless, depressed, anxious?

I don’t have little red pills to make all the “bad” feelings or thoughts go away and eternal sunshine rise, but…I do think that we can find that inner space that is harmonious; innate harmony even in the midst of chaos.

Of course, one can find fulfillment in exciting activities, food, shopping, whatever…but that is all only temporary, for a moment, an hour, a week…

I am looking for something more, something deeper. Something that does not go away, something that is always there, always available.

In fact, I look for that which we truly are. And that doesn’t exclude fun and food!
I want to be happy from within! I want to feel deep inner joy! I want to feel that innate harmony, in the midst of chaos! I want to feel love from deep within! What I want for myself, I do want for others.

ENERGY WORK is not a massage, but hands on in a gentle way. I use different techniques and intuitive work that releases energy blocks, balances the flow of energy though your body. I work with the pulse system of the cerebral spinal fluid that nourishes the central nervous system, to support the body’s natural ability for self regulation and self healing.

SOUL TALK allows your heart and soul to talk. I love the combination of Soul Talk and Energy Work! Energy work has the capacity to reach deep places within. You might see a situation, or a problem, or yourself in a different light.

Are you simply tired or exhausted and need to relax? Have a session of Energy Work and you will feel very relaxed and refreshed!

I provide a safe and loving space for you to work on a deep level.

Kira has been living in Moab and loving it since 1996. She has had Reiki and Cranio Sacral training in Zurich, Switzerland, and lived in South Africa before coming to the United States. Please call for an appointment, 435-260-1767.

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