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For your Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Health & Well-being - May 2005

Five Treasures

Kira Schneider: Soul and Body Worker, Artist

Reiki • Cranio Sacral • Spiritual Counseling • Energy Work • Past Lives
At the Healing Arts Center, Studio #1 (behind the Moab Information Center)

The work I do is healing and transforming - when our energy is freed up from trauma or stress or suffering, it fills us and feeds us more powerfully both physically and emotionally.

Stress, anxiety, depression, physical trauma - or simply a desire for a more centered and peaceful life - bring people to me.

My clients tell me that they feel stronger and totally relaxed both physically and emotionally after we work together - more calm, centered, grounded. Each client I work with is unique, so my sessions are always “one of a kind” for each person - but often inlclude a gentle laying on of hands or touching as a means of transmission of energy.

As I work I often receive insights about situations and challenges in people’s current or past lives. Should the client so desire, I’m happy to share these insights and impressions.

My commitment remains to unlock and release each client’s sense of balance, peace and self empowerment so that they are truly the master of their own life and destiny.

Kira has spent over a decade as an effective practitioner of the following healing arts:

An ancient healing system that is simple, gentle and powerful.

Cranio Sacral
Works with the pulse system of the cerebral spinal liquid which nourishes the central nervous system. It’s a gentle technique that supports the body’s natural ability for self regulation and self healing.

Spiritual Counseling
Self exploration and self development.

Energy Work
Connecting intuitively with the energy of the person, I often receive insights about situations or challenges in their life.

Past Lives
Accessing and working with cell memory to discover how a past life influences our current life. We free ourself of the programming of the past and react spontaneously to all experience in life instead of through the filter of past trauma.

Kira’s background and training:

1991: Reiki training into the 1st and 2nd degree of the traditional USUI System of Reiki in Zurich, Switzerland.

1991: Cranio Sacral training with Dr. Rudolph Merkel in Zurich, Switzerland.
I have been studying with Rhea Powers, my spiritual teacher, for 10 years. She is a profound spiritual teacher, well known throughout Europe as well as in South America and the United States. Her main focus is on self-inquiry, inner growth and development, energy work, meditation, silence. Her teaching also includes lightworker training, past life regression and clearings.

Testimonials from Kira's Clients:

“In the midst of my chemotherapy, I had a few sessions with Kira. Her aura of gentle calmness and peace embraced me and led me to a quiet, loving place that helped me move forward in my chemo treatment. I trust Kira with my body and my emotions.”
- Nancy Wade

“Since I have been working with Kira, she has helped me move forward in my spiritual quest. I have a clearer understanding of what has held me back in my past. I feel truly fortunate to have her as my teacher.”
- Lenore Beeson

“After breaking my hip and having surgery to place a pin, the pain was at a level that made it hard for me to sleep. One session from Kira helped me to sleep through the night from then on. Amazing!”
- Bret Burgess

“At a time of high emotional stress and exhaustion in my life, a session with Kira had a profound effect on me. The energy I felt her extend, supported and held me in such a way that I could let go of the emotions that were troubling me. I felt renewed and able to be fully present and powerful in my life once again.”
- Elizabeth Gore

“And the day came when the risk
to remain tight in a bud was more painful
than the risk it took to blossom.”
Anais Nin

Transformations - Inspirational Art by Kira
After living in Moab for almost a decade, nature has become my muse and constant source of inspiration.

The breathtaking beauty around me, the vastness of the desert, the majesty of the rocks and formations, and the solitude I find here, deeply touch my heart and feed my spirit.

Hiking here through the desert canyons or faraway on some quiet beach, I find the objects included in my creations, actually, they find me. The wood, roots, sculls, bones, feathers, rocks and shells call out to me and reveal their potential.

In my work with my clients, something very similar takes place. Intuitively I am able to see a persons potential and possibilities - sometimes the healing that is needed, sometimes the precious new stage of life that is ready to unfold.

My artistic intention is the same as my life’s purpose - to see, to share, to inspire.
Kira Schneider is the featured artist at Soul Food for the May 14th ArtWalk. Artists reception is from 6-9pm. The exhibit will run through June.

Kira Schneider may be reached at 435-260-1767 to schedule an appointment.

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