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Health & Well-being - July 2006

Elizabeth Lamoureux, LLC
Certified Rolf Practitioner
Rolf Method of Structural Integration -
Change the way you move through the World

by Amy Krueger

Have you ever…

*felt like you had cement blocks for feet?
*thought your body seemed crooked?
*been frustrated with injuries or chronic pain that won’t go away?
*noticed patterns of holding tension or stress?
*wanted a “tune-up” for your body?

Elizabeth Lamoureux, LLCThese are some of the reasons people are drawn to the Rolf Method of Structural Integration. The types of people drawn to Structural Integration (SI) are as varied as the factors motivating them: athletes looking to heal from an injury or increase their performance; individuals desiring a deeper connection and understanding of their bodies; people that are drawn to the concept of finding new possibilities to the way they move through the world- both physically and emotionally.

In Moab, people interested in experiencing the benefits of SI are fortunate to have Elizabeth Lamoureux, certified practitioner of the Rolf Method of Structural Integration. Elizabeth received her schooling at the Guild for Structural Integration in Boulder, Colorado. She had the privilege of studying with Peter Melchoir, Ida Rolf’s first trained teacher.
Elizabeth’s background working with people in a healing and educational role spans nearly a decade. Her work as a personal trainer is one of the main reasons that led her into the field of SI. During time spent with clients in the gym, Elizabeth started noticing peoples postures breaking down as muscle mass was being built. These observations lead her to learn about fascia, the connective tissue netting in the body. She began viewing body movement and anatomy in a different way. She realized the importance of balance and alignment as opposed to just building strength, a natural progression towards Structural Integration.

SI is a form of holistic bodywork developed in the 1940’s by Ida Rolf, a biochemist who studied collagen. Collagen, the building block of the body’s connective tissue (also known as fascia), forms a continuous net throughout the body. Physical and emotional trauma often leads to misalignment in this fascia. Repetitive misuse (think of holding a phone between your shoulder and ear) can also lead to adhesions in the connective tissue. SI works to free these adhesions and provide order, alignment, and balance to the body in gravity.

People often experience SI through a series of ten sessions, known as “the recipe”. Each session is defined by a goal and typically alternates between lower and upper bodywork. Going through the ten series is not necessary to experience the benefits of SI. Often clients will come in for just a session or two and mention positive results.

A session is typically one to one hour and fifteen minutes long. Elizabeth starts her sessions with a visual body and posture analysis. These observations give Elizabeth a point from which to start. While each session might focus on a common theme, the way that goal is reached differs with each person depending on what their needs are. Most of the bodywork and movement exercises are done on a table, similar to a large massage table. Typical attire for a session is underwear, running shorts or two piece bathing suit. The most important factor is that the individual feels comfortable with what they are wearing.

As someone who went through the 10-series with Elizabeth, I found it to be a profound experience, on many different levels. Elizabeth has a keen ability to make you feel comfortable. She takes the time to get to know the reasons why you are there, and is open to sharing her own experiences. Elizabeth realizes the many different reasons that draw people to SI and tailors her approach effectively. Here are what some of her clients had to say about their own experiences:

Elizabeth’s Rolfing sessions have not only made us feel better, but we find that we move better and can be much more active. We would highly recommend her to anyone interested in making a change.
Bob and Sarah @ Mondo Café

I work on scaffolding for a living and have found that I have better balance and more trust in my feet than I did before I began my 10 series. I feel more grounded in my body at the same time I am able to stand taller, more ease than I have in years.

When I went to Elizabeth of I had a literal pain in the neck that would extend from my neck down into my fingertips. After a few sessions the neck pain subsided a great deal and other favorable results started to happen. My achy arthritic hands began to loosened and felt better than they had in years!! I was so pleased with what was happening to my body that I talked my husband into going to see Elizabeth. He was in such pain from his claw-like toes that he had been seeing a podiatrist. The Doctors tried several procedures to no avail. The next step was surgery. After dragging him reluctantly to his first visit Elizabeth, she was able to straighten his toes out to near flat. I was amazed! His feet hadn’t felt that good in years. All the other sessions after have helped with not only his feet but also the lower back problems he has had forever. We highly recommend Elizabeth.
Julie Sword

I have found that the firm pressure of Rolfing helps me release emotions I am holding onto in my body. It has helped me to have a higher energy level and a better understanding of my body. I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for the missing link to improve circulation, posture, and the inner spirit.
Barbara Holcomb

The best recommendation if you are interested in Structural Integration: try a session!

“This is the gospel of Rolfing: When the body gets working appropriately, the force of gravity can flow through. Then, spontaneously, the body heals itself.”
-Ida P. Rolf, Ph.D.

“I think Rolfing can be a great way to get more in touch with your body and change long-standing problems of bad posture and chronic pain (like back pain). It can also release repressed emotions as well as dissipate habitual muscle tension.”
-Andrew Weil, M.D.

Elizabeth may be reached at 260-1320. Her office is located at 51 East 100 South. Tell her you read about it in Moab Happenings!

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