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Health & Well-being -October 2006

The Convivium... a place in which to share life, the cultivation of awareness, acceptance and the exploration of one’s own psychic abilities.

Way back in the middle ages “convivium” was another word for the common room where everyone ate and talked at the end of the day. Its literal latin meaning is: “place in which to share life.” There is a Convivium in Moab today, but it is not a kitchen. Unless you think of it as a soul kitchen.

The purpose of The Convivium, Moab’s own clairvoyant healing institute, is to cultivate the awareness, acceptance and aligned use of one’s own psychic abilities. Who or what is affecting your ability to create the life you want? How can you have more energy? The answers to these questions can change everything. Here at The Convivium, we maintain that you are already enlightened. The trick is to heal why you don’t accept your enlightenment as a way to experience life. The Convivium’s Fall/Winter schedule offers a variety of classes, clinics and readings designed to provide tools for you to find your own psychic freedom. Psychic freedom creates no ideologies, no “isms,” no dissenting philosophies which divide or corrupt communication. We practice the alchemical process of healing through self-awareness. If you are sensitive, suspect that you know, sense or feel things, this work may be for you. This is a branch of the healing arts, and as with all art, it is about encounter and communication. To quote artist James Hubbel, “Art should be a communication between souls. For me, it is an expression of love. It is inseparable from hope, and perhaps more simply, it is worship... in the sense that the morning sun, the song of a bird, are worship.”

Christy WilliamsChristy Williams, long time Moab resident and lifelong intuitive, is a graduate of the SWCSS Clairvoyant Training Program, with 25 years informal study of historical and spiritual symbol systems. She offers private readings on phone or in person regarding relationships, health and wellness, past lives, addiction, prosperity and path. All questions welcomed. Deprogramming, energy clearing, chakras, aura, your living or working space, even your pets.

Call for an appointment at 259-2709 or email her:

Free Healing Clinics:
Healings are for the spiritual body and clearing of energy in the physical body. Great stress reducer. Come check it out! Donations gratefully accepted.

Women’s Clinic: Mon 5-7 pm- Facilitated by Christy Williams, this is a great way to enjoy some sanctuary and get some validation on your path.

Open Clinic: Wed 5-7 pm- Co-Facilitated by Tricia Gundlach and Christy Williams.

The Beginning Meditation and Healing Classes are a great place to learn some powerful basic tools of self-discovery. These meditation techniques help you to relax and enjoy yourself in your body, as you explore your own psychic space: both the energy in the body and the energy around your body called the aura. Call back your creative healing capacity and experience the value of amusement energy as a healing force. Learn to discern where your energy leaks occur. The next class will begin 7:00 pm Monday the 16th of October. This 6 week co-ed course will review basic meditation skills and deepen practice with clearing energy. Just $ 10.00 dollars a class.

The Changing Course for Women is an awesome way to validate your growth and own your feminine creative power. This 8 week course in creating effective change is loosely set for December 2006. This course will cover chakra healing, reprogramming, claiming creative power, abundance, abandonment, addictions, right relationships and intuition. Beginning meditation is required. $10.00 a class.

What is Clairvoyance and how does it work? How do you read the human aura... or the Chakra system? Take yourself much further towards your psychic freedom through our Intensive Clairvoyant Program. Beginning to Advanced courses teach you how to clearly look at spirit with your sixth chakra, which can profoundly open you to your own ability, awareness and consequently, your power to change. Learn to read the issues affecting health, path, relationship and growth, past lives, your own birth, much more. These 6 month intensives can deeply shift your perspective, bring balance to your will and your spirit, and change your life.
Here’s what some of the students have to say:

“Everything from my Tarot, to my Astrology practice, to my artwork has been opened; I’ve accessed a fuller, more effective and authentic self from using these tools.”- Tracy Sternberg

“This class has been one of the greatest gifts in my life, giving me the tools to fully discover and express myself. It has really helped my parenting too. A journey of self-discovery.” - M.B.

“It’s easy to change your mind but it isn’t easy to change your heart. Doing this meditation and healing work has brought me the closest to being wildly alive with an open and steady heart.” – L.H.

The Convivium: A sanctuary for opening to self.
Located at #10 Healing Arts Center, 50 East Center St. 435-259-2709

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