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HEALTH & WELL BEING - March 2007

The Laughing Dragon with the Aloha Hands

Judith Lee, LMT, ABMP, NCTMB
76 South Main, Suite #13

Take a breath, relax, slow down and rejunvenate your body, mind and spirit. Laughing Dragon offers a number of healing modalities to soothe, embrocate and assist you on your life's journey. Specializing in Hawaiian Sacred temple lomi lomi, Swedish Massage, Acutherapy, Polarity and Tibetan Healing Arts. If you so wish, some meditation techniques to explore the inner space of you, the final frontier.

Judith has been practicing the artless Art of Meditation for over 20 years and takes great joy in sharing with you. She plays and works with people from all walks of life, the young to the elders. She approaches her practice with a combination of seriousness, focus and humor.

Through manipulation of the soft tissue of the body, massage induces a therapeutic response. The stress of everyday life can be managed safely and effectively with massage. Helping to normalize the delicate balance of our body's functions, relieving pain and relaxing stiff muscles by increasing blood supply to affected areas. As our muscles become relaxed, they contract and move better, therefore we move better and feel better about life.

Massage can break up scar tissue and adhesions, loosening stiff joints.Massage also reduces inflammation and calms muscle fatigue as well as the mind. We all occassionally have some physical condition that can be inproved or relieved by massage. A good massage will leave you feeling better no matter how you feel. Life is such a precious gift and massage can help make you make the most of that gift.

Laughing Dragon offers massage in her Moab office above Red Rock Bakery, 76 South Main, Suite #13 or on location, yes, she is willing to come to you. Come and share in the Aloha.

Judith teaches Tibetan Tai Chi and Qi Gong and has obtained Black Belt level in these arts. She is available for private or group lessons.

The Laughing Dragon with the Aloha Hands invites you to come play, relax and re-ignite your passion for life. Call 435-260-8667 for your appointment today.

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