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Moonflower Market

Moonflower Market is a locally grown and operated natural foods store with a mission to support the health, well-being and sustainability of our community. We are a state non-profit and our primary goal is to provide high quality and affordable natural and organic foods. We also offer high quality supplements, personal care products, pet food, and household cleaning supplies.

The Moonflower Market proudly offers a wide variety of organic produce, and supports our local growers by providing an outlet for them to sell their seasonal goodies. Lately, we’ve been enjoying locally grown herbs, salad greens, spinach, turnips, peas, and we are looking forward to juicy fruits and melons! We only purchase local produce that has been grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers, as we feel strongly about supporting agriculture that strives to treat our soil, water and food in a sustainable manner.

Freshly prepared “to go” foods are available daily. We only use organic ingredients in our prepared foods, and offer a selection of salads, wraps and sandwiches. We also offer cookies and cakes to round out your meal.

For the home cook, we offer a great selection of bulk herbs and spices. You can leave with a little or a lot of your favorite culinary spice. We offer grains and beans in bulk as well.

And, it’s not just veggies and tofu…we also carry a full stock of organic dairy items, and a variety of meats and fish, which are all additive and hormone free.

And to feed your mind, we have an eclectic free lending library and a small gallery space with a local artist showing each month. Come in and say hello!


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