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HEALTH & WELL BEING - October 2007

Stressed? Living with pain?
Want to release your tension and rejuvinate?

Laughing Dragon
Professional Relaxation Therapy

Judith Lee, LMT
Nationally Certified Therapeutic Massage & Body Work • ABMP Certified

Laughing Dragon’s hands have eased hundreds of bodies just like yours. They can help you, too. You will feel so relaxed from her massage that you may fall asleep on her table.

No matter what your walk of life is, massage and bodywork is a wonderful way to tap into deep innate stillness and healing, giving your body mind and spirit time to relax, unwind and rejuvenate.

Judith has trained in a number of healing modalities to soothe, embrocate, and assist your life’s journey.

Laughing Dragon offers Therapeutic Massage for those wanting to focus on a specific difficulty, recovering from surgery, an injury or a chronic problem.

Swedish Massage involves manipulation of soft tissue with movements that can be slow and gentle or deep and vigorous, according to your needs. The stress of everyday life can be managed safely and effectively with massage.

Acutherapy utilizes the knowledge of anatomy, the body’s own reflex system and the use of internal energy flows that releases tension in even the smallest nerve and capillary structures. Acutherapy is painless gentle touch therapy used to effectively relieve pain and suffering when any more than the gentlest touch would be contra indicated. Judith is also trained in Qi Gong and Polarity Therapies that treat the life force energy itself which flows through and energizes all the body’s organs and tissues. Both therapies help bring the life energy to a state of balance by removing obstructions to its free flow throughout the body. Establishing this state of flowing balance enables the life energies to bring about whatever healing needs to be done. A healthy and happy person who experiences Qi Gong or Polarity Therapy will feel very relaxed and at peace, while someone who is very much out of balance will often feel completely rejuvenated.

We all occasionally have some physical condition that can be improved or relieved by massage. A good massage will leave you feeling better no matter how you feel.

Judith has been practicing the Artless Art of Meditation for over 20 years and approaches her healing practices with a combination of passion, focus, and humor.

Laughing Dragon offers massage in her Moab office above Red Rock Bakery at 76 South Main, Suite #13 or on location, seven days a week with some evening appointment availability. Judith teaches Tibetan Tai Chi and Qi Gong and is available for private or group lessons. She also facilitates workshops. Call 260-8667 to schedule your healing session!

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