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HEALTH & WELL BEING - August 2008

Beginning Aura Healing

"The fairest thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the fundamental emotion which stands at the cradle of true art and science. He who knows it not and can no longer wonder, can no longer feel amazement, is as good as dead… a snuffed out candle."
    –Albert Einstein

Albert has a point there, but what might he have said about the many who snuff their own candlelight as a response to overwhelm? Extraordinary telegrams from Gaia about earth changes can cause emotional shutdown, while many vibrant souls choose the emotional ‘off’ button in response to more ordinary pressures. Youthful enthusiasm flags. Hopes are dashed. Fear of loss, traumas large and small can quickly overwhelm and paralyze our ability to feel anything at all, let alone the fairest mysteries. Yet the emotional flat line is as perilous as Einstein said.

It’s at times like these when it is good to remember that you and your candlelight, whether flickering, blazing or apparently snuffed altogether is actually capable of creating miracles. In fact, you are involved in creating at least one even as you read this. Quantum leaps happen everyday, even before breakfast. Right this minute, old beliefs about what it means to be a living human being are falling away, and the ready implications for science, art, medicine, spiritual growth, even social policy, are truly amazing.

Science has recently been proving what spiritual masters have long offered: human beings are not a mere chemical reaction, but a frequency of light, an energetic charge that simply is. In quantum string theory; matter is energy, which is a frequency or a vibration. Everything in the universe is constructed of energies that vibrate at different frequencies and patterns. All living things are partial to the spiral pattern. It’s the all time favorite, whether galaxy, tree, wave or personal path.

A single individual is made up of 50 to 100 trillion cells, each of them shining, vibrating and forming emission patterns that receive and transmit information. This charge, this life force is, to name a few, traditionally called Chi, Qi, or Prana. All living things emanate it. It is seen by the minds’ eye as Aura. The Auric field around a person also forms emission patterns that hold information.

Like it or not, we really are All One. We co-exist in a pulsating field of energy variously known as the Unified Field, the Quantum Hologram, the Grid, or simply the Superconscious. It is non-dual and non-local. In other words, there is no time or space in the energy plane. No longer mere theory, nor polarized ideology, these basic metaphysics are at the heart of energy medicine. When there is a coherence or overall harmony in the interplay of these energies in an individual, we call that homeostasis. Healthy. Balanced. In a community of individuals, we might call it peace.

As if this wasn’t amazing enough, the direct personal perception of this light energy is available to anyone willing to cultivate focus. We call this focused state “being psychic”; being in tune with the cosmos. We all have this capacity, and are able to heal ourselves through the use of this focus, made more effective with intent and strong visualization skills. But it takes practice, and curiosity helps. Wondering where to begin? Asking a simple question like, "who in the world am I?!” is always good. The frequent practice of making more room for loving awareness to flourish is the basic aim, and just having that intent can be therapeutic, as can spending time in spaces with therapeutic properties.

The Convivium is Moab’s own clairvoyant healing institute; a life awareness center dedicated to the acceptance and cultivation of psychic skills for healing.

As an embodied spirit, you are already enlightened. The trick is to heal why you don’t accept your enlightenment as a way to experience life. Who or what is affecting your ability to create the life you want, the world you want? How can you reclaim your energy? Deeply exploring these mysteries can change everything. If you are sensitive, suspect that you know, sense or feel things, this work may be for you.

Ongoing Healing Clinics and Clairvoyant Healing Classes at The Convivium are a great way to access and exercise your own healing energy tools. Deeply committed practitioners are also available by appointment for private consultation, readings and energy work.

Mondays 5-5:30pm
Women’s Guided Meditation
Facilitated by Christy Williams by donation.

Tuesdays 5-7pm
August 12th through September 30th
Lightworking 101
Taught by Christy Williams
Learn Biospiritual Anatomy, Chakra Balancing, Basic Aura Healing.
Perceive and release blocks in the flow of energy within the self and assist the flow in others. Create lasting change. Feel the subtle energy of personal narrative in the aura and practice healing the emotional body. $100.00 for 8 week course.

Wednesdays 5-7pm
Ongoing Coed Aura Healing Clinic
Friendly pets welcome
Facilitated by Tricia Gundlach
Donations gratefully accepted

Christy Williams, Convivium founder and lifelong intuitive, is a graduate of the SWCSS Clairvoyant Training Program, and has taught beginner to advanced clairvoyant healing techniques since 2000. She does spiritual counseling, energy work and clairvoyant readings in person or over distance for people, pets and places. She is also licensed to facilitate ceremonies such as weddings and funerals, and loves to create rituals aligned with earth rhythms. Call for an appointment at 259-2709 or email:

Tricia Gundlach
is a gifted healer and animal communicator illuminated by decades of meditative practice and energy study. Tricia offers private readings for both people and pets by appointment. Please call 260-2516 or stop by on Wednesday nights to arrange a time.

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