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Ata - Om Bodyworks
Ata - Om Bodyworks

Did you know that, according to latest research, stress is the cause of 95% of all disease ?

Not hard to believe, considering what happens in the body, when it is on constant high alert : Elevated heart rate, overload on the adrenals, nervous impulses firing incessantly, yet shallow breathing, slowed or incomplete digestion and therefore a lack of available oxygen and nutrients while more is being used, resulting in lowered immunity and more wear and tear on the body. A vicious cycle, that can easily start a downward spiral.

Of course, there are many approaches to stress reduction, from meditation to hiking, biking or Tai Chi for example, with massage being just one of them. But it may be one that works for you.


Most of us would agree, that it is far easier (and more cost-efficient) to keep a vehicle running smoothly, than wait for it to break down and THEN fix the damage. The body is our vehicle through life... with one difference: unlike a car it is irreplaceable. There is no second chance! Massage, along with regular exercise, healthy eating habits and enough rest and play can help our vehicle to run smoothly and at its best. Why? Because massage stimulates the immune- and cardio vascular system, thereby ensuring an increased supply of oxygen and nutrients to each and every cell while helping to remove metabolic wastes from the system. It helps relax the Sympathetic Nervous System (our "Fight or Flight response"), so the Parasympathetic Nervous System can take over with its tasks of digesting, rebuilding and restoring, to give the body a tune-up while at rest. And then, of course, there is that feeling of deep relaxation so refreshing and revitalizing to the whole being, that comes with the loosening of tight, bunched up muscles that had to work overtime for so long, draining the body of energy.

Truth is... just about anybody can benefit from regular massages. From Joe Normal to athletes wanting to perform at their very best, to people recovering from major illness in need of nourishing touch and pampering... there is something for everyone, and it doesn`t have to bust your wallet.


Most practitioners offer affordable rates for regular clients, or package deals that help you stay on track and take better care of yourself by making the commitment to do so. And if you don`t click with one practitioner, just try someone else. There are quite a few wonderful licensed bodyworkers and health practitioners in town. Ata Calfee with "OM bodywork" is one of them. Ata has been a Moab resident for 5 1/2 years and grew up in Southern Germany. A survivor of a "terminal" illness herself, she brings her own unique slant of experience and understanding to the healing arts.

Offering a blend of eastern and western modalities with deeply nourishing touch, she is looking forward to making a positive difference in your life, while providing safe and affordable services.

Aside from being a Certified Massage Practitioner since 1996, Ata is also a longtime student (since 1981), as well as teacher (since 1999) of AIKIDO, a nonviolent martial-art (and in her opinion a powerful healing-art), which has at its heart the peaceful reconciliation of conflict, and provides a complete and balanced workout, while toning body, mind and spirit.

To take advantage of OM bodyworks 2 for 1 introductory specials in massage or find out more about Aikido in Moab, please call Ata @ (435) 259-4786, and check out her website @ for more information on her healing work.



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