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Healthy Happenings December 2009

What to get the Person Who Has Everything

December has arrived and the holidays are just around the corner.

Time again to ask ourselves: What do we really want to give to our loved ones? Surely a gift with meaning, enhancing their lives.

For the people in our life who “have everything”, how about the gift of wellness? Something nobody can have too much of.

Especially in winter, when colds and flues are going around, it is essential to enhance and strengthen one`s immunity by ensuring that our bodies are functioning at their very best. Therapeutic bodywork, received from a skilled practitioner, can accomplish just that. Among the many modalities and approaches available, there is one for just about every personality and need.

Ombodywork offers a full range of therapeutic touch for a wide variety of individual needs and preferences. From the person who just wants to be pampered or maintain their well being to the one in acute or chronic pain looking for relief. Or someone recovering or dealing with severe illness, seeking deep healing and nurturing.

>Swedish Oil Massage - restores optimal function of sore or tight muscles for well being or to improve athletic performance. Enhances circulation and is deeply relaxing and rejuvenating.

>Shiatsu - gentle rocking, deep stretches and rhythmic compressions aid the body in releasing blockages and easing tension. Pressure can be light or deep and focused. A very dynamic, Japanese modality with the client comfortably clothed, it addresses and revitalizes the entire being.

>Acupressure - facilitating the release of tension, aches and pains through gentle finger tip pressure along energy channels, it brings greater balance and harmony to body, mind and spirit, allowing healing to occur on many levels.
>Reiki -channeling universal life energy through nourishing touch, Reiki helps to relieve pain, balance emotions and promote spiritual awareness.

Ata Calfee, owner of Ombodywork, combines compassionate care with gentle strength. She integrates eastern and western modalities for health enhancing sessions, custom tailored to each individual client.

To make an appointment, or order a Gift Certificate, simply call Ata @(435)260-2874.

Two and more Certificates receive a discount. You can also give one away as a present and give one to yourself. A nice way to ease the holiday stress and take a breather... .

To find out more about Ata and Ombodywork, check out

Aside from being a Nationally Certified, Licensed Massage Therapist, Ata is also a passionate practitioner, as well as an instructor of Aikido, certified through Hombu Dojo, Tokio, Japan. She holds the rank of Nidan.

Aikido, also called The Art of Peace, translates to “The Way of Harmonizing Energy”, or “Spirit Joining Way”, and is a compassionate martial art and education of movement.

It is based on non-violence and the peaceful reconciliation of conflict. It can also be a powerful healing art, as it harmonizes and strengthens our internal energy if practiced consistently over a period of time. Aside from building stamina, it tones the muscular system and increases coordination, awareness and balance.

An introductory course is planned for January/February 2010. For more information, and to reserve your space, go to, or call (435) 260-2874.

Happy Holidays !

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