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Healthy Happenings June 2010

Zumba -Fitness Fun

ZumbaZumba (pronounced zoomba) is the latest fitness craze filling gyms throughout the world. It bears a slight resemblance to the old jazzercise class but has been injected with high energy Latin music and more laughter and smiles than should be allowed in something that is considered exercise. Zumba is a dance based aerobic fitness class. You get to move non stop from one type of dance and music to another such as doing the salsa, meringue, cha cha, belly dance, hip hop, etc. It targets areas such as the glutes, legs, arms, abs and the most important muscle in the body, the heart. Participants will burn up to 1000 calories an hour depending on their fitness level and intensity put forth. It is a major cardio workout but it is so much fun!

Sandi Snead
Sandi Snead

Coining the concept of “fitness party”, Zumba has spread like wildfire and has positioned itself as the single most influential movement in the fitness industry. Zumba got it’s start when a Columbian aerobics instructor Alberto Perez (Beto) went to teach his aerobics class one day and realized he had forgotten the music. His only option was to grab whatever tapes he had in his car which were salsa and meringue tapes and to gear his class with Latin moves. This combination brought a new flair to a dreary workout and the Zumba revolution began! The exhilarating, energizing, sexy movements inspire and uplift you!

“It’s fun and it’s playful” said Moab’s own Zumba fitness instructor, Sandi Snead. My goal is to offer a class that is not only good for you but makes you feel good about yourself…to empower and enhance your quality of life! Snead received her license to teach Zumba last March and now offers classes two nights a week at the MARC. The Zumba formula combines the laws of aerobics with the laws of interval training for what is called intermittent training. The choreography is designed for that by using varying rhythms throughout the class. "I use Zumba chorography as well as my own and I always follow the Zumba formula. I know about 25 routines and I like to mix them up. I want the class to learn them well so we will do them over and over but I’ll bring in new ones too."

Zumba in MoabSnead has been a dancer all her life so Zumba came easy to her although Zumba is NOT a dance class she insists. "I am not trying to teach you how to dance a certain way. I want you to move the way that is right for you. There are no right or wrong steps and I am not in front of the class yelling verbal cues. I have created a place where we can exercise our bodies and our freedom to express ourselves." Bring cross trainers or low tread sneakers, water, a towel, and a mind, body and soul ready for a good time! Outrageous clothing optional!

Classes are Wednesday nights at 6:00 and Friday nights at 5:30. Drop in rate is $10 or you can buy 5 classes for $40.

. Moab Zumba

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