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Healthy Happenings November 2010

Join a ZUMBA Fitness Party!

Zumba classZumba (pronounced zoom-ba), the latest fitness craze offered in over 75 countries is shaking hips in Moab and taught by licensed Zumba Instructor Sandi Snead. Bearing a slight resemblance to the old jazzercise class in the 80’s it’s been injected with high energy Latin and International music and has coined the concept of “fitness party.”

Zumba got it’s start when a Columbian aerobics instructor Alberto Perez (Beto) went to teach his aerobics class one day and realized he had forgotten the music. His only option was to grab whatever tapes he had in his car which were Salsa and Meringue tapes and to gear his class with Latin moves. This brought a new flair to a dreary workout and the Zumba revolution began! The exhilarating, energizing, sexy movements inspire and uplift you!

Like the Latin rhythm that is its backbone Zumba transcends all linguistic and physical barriers, killing off any dance floor shyness and propelling bodies to its infectious music. It is about movement and bringing people together through rhythm and fun. It is about unlocking your mind and your body. Zumba is based on easy and natural movements. Participants follow the instructors steps and then interpret them their own way “or add their own flavor.”

ZumbaZumba makes you feel good and you don’t realize you are working out. Combined with a reasonable diet it can have astonishing results. Participants can burn 400-1000 calories depending on their fitness level and intensity put forth. When you are physically empowered you are mentally and emotionally empowered too. That creates lifestyle changes!

While participating in the one hour fitness class your heart rate continues to go up and down as Zumba combines the laws of aerobics with the laws of interval training for what is called “intermittent training.” The choreography is designed for that and uses basic rhythms like Meringue, Salsa, Cumbia, Hip Hop, Samba, Belly Dance and more. Most of the steps have been simplified and are designed for folks who have never danced before. It is geared for all age groups and can be modified further for those with physical limitations.

Sandi SneadSnead has been a dancer all of her life and Zumba is something she is extremely passionate about. She is a member of the Zumba Instructors Network and attends additional training classes when possible. “I use Zumba choreography as well as my own but I am not trying to teach you how to dance a certain way. I want you to move the way that is right for you. I want you to express yourself! Zumba has had a profound effect on my life and my goal is to share those possibilities with others.”

Zumba doesn’t acknowledge color, religion, gender, age or style. If you can bring people together through a powerful action such as Zumba it can be a major source for change!

Wear cross trainers or low tread sneakers, bring water, a towel and a mind, body and soul ready for a great time! Classes are held at the MARC Wednesdays @ 6:00 pm and Fridays@ 5:30. Drop in rate is $10 / class. Buy a 5 punch card with no expiration for $40 or a 10 class punch card for $60 with a 10 week expiration.


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