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Healthy Happenings March 2011

Healing Arts Center

Healing Arts Center Staff
Lisa Albert, Ambrosia Brown, Sarah Ball, and Ata Calfee

Lisa Albert LMT. ~Studio 5
Healing Bodywork
Nationally Certified
Biking, hiking, too much driving or stressed out? You need a massage!
Massage for Sore Muscles and Pain:
In a caring and calm environment, I will create a session especially for you that provides relaxation and relief from stress, sore muscles and sports related injuries. 16 years in practice.
Spinal Touch Alignment:
For postural misalignment I use Spinal Touch, a gentle, polarity based treatment I may combine with Chinese Acupressure (Tuina) to give the body the information it needs to self correct. This is great for Sciatica as well as many other painful situations.
NEW! Bellanina Face Lift Massage:
Deeply relaxing and luxuriously pampering, a Bellanina Face Lift Massage is a wonderful way to rejuvenate, tone and hydrate your face & neck. The finishing touches include: massage of shoulders, hands & feet.

Ambrosia Brown, LMT ~ Studio 7
(435) 260.1122
True Self, “BE KIND, UNWIND.”
Nationally Certified, Licensed Massage Therapist
Deep Tissue Massage ~ Hot Stones Massage ~ Relaxing Swedish Massage ~
Couples Massage ~ Thai Yoga Massage ~ Back Country Massage
Ambrosia Brown is a Licensed Massage Therapist that has been practicing massage in Moab at the Healing Arts Center since 2005. Ambrosia is mainly in Moab in the Spring and Fall, spending the winters and summers in Telluride, CO since 2009. You can get in touch with Ambrosia on her website (or or on Facebook by looking up Ambrosia Brown Massage.

Ambrosia’s “Back Country Massage” is an option for experiencing massage in the outdoors. Hire Ambrosia onto your next multi day river trip or bike trip to receive a luxurious massage at your camp site after a long day of mt. biking or river rafting. You can also book an outdoor massage during your stay in Moab, if you would like to connect with nature while getting a therapeutic massage.

Be kind and unwind by treating yourself or someone you know to a massage!

Sarah Ball, L.M.T.
Nationally Certified in Massage and Bodywork
Healing Arts Center ~ Studio 9 (435) 260-2238
Whether you’re in Moab working or playing; and seeking relief from pain, or wanting to pamper yourself, massage will improve your health, vitality, and experience of life. Sarah Ball, NCTMB, L.M.T. offers an integration of Swedish, Deep Tissue and Trigger Point massage to leave you feeling relaxed and energized; ready for whatever you have planned next.
Swedish: relaxing, therapeutic strokes such as gliding, rolling, kneading, and gentle percussion are used along with oils or lotion to help improve circulation, relieve aches and pains, decrease stress, enhance mental clarity, and improve flexibility.
Trigger Point: focused pressure releases “knots” in the muscle tissue built up throughout a person’s life due to physical, mental, and/or emotional stress; decreasing pain, relieving tension, and improving mobility.
Deep Tissue: slow strokes and deep pressure lengthen chronically shortened muscle fibers, releasing areas of chronic stress due to misalignment, repetitive motion, and lingering injuries, returning the body to its natural state of alignment.
No matter how well you are a good massage will leave you feeling better. Experience the benefits today!

Ata Calfee, LMT ~Suite 8
OmBodywork 435-260-2874
Nationally Certified, Licensed Massage Therapist
Om offers
Total relaxation for body mind spirit.
I have been practicing therapeutic bodywork for 15 years and combine eastern and western modalities for pain relieving, health enhancing sessions:
Soothing Swedish Massage
...for relaxation and renewal. Allow yourself to get pampered with a rejuvenating Swedish Massage to smoothen out tight and sore muscles, so you can play another day.
...revitalizing and stimulating to the flow of “Ki” along Meridians ( energy pathways in the body ). Gentle rocking, deep stretches and very specific work allow even deep holding patterns to be released in an effortless way.
Jin Shin Jyutsu Acupressure
...rebalancing the energetic system of the body is profoundly nourishing to the entire being, body mind and spirit. Jin Shin can ease you into Nirvana like sleep while allowing your spirit to soar.
...enhances any other modality through nurturing touch while healing universal life energy can flow where needed in the body.
Om Gift Certificates also make great presents for birthdays or anniversaries!


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