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Moonflower Market: Raw food diet!

Moonflower Market logoHave you heard of the Raw Foods Diet? Essentially, a raw foods diet is a live food diet consisting of fresh, soaked, sprouted, cultured and dehydrated foods. Raw foods have not been exposed to temperatures above 108 degrees. This is considered desirable by raw food enthusiasts, because plant enzymes found in foods, are destroyed above this temperature. Enzymes are the catalysts that help our bodies digest our food, and enzyme rich foods are a more efficient energy source. Studies show that cooking destroys over 95% of the phytochemicals and up to 50% of the vitamin content in food. Cooking food can cause the formation of harmful free radicals. The body must work harder and use more energy to digest and assimilate fewer nutrients when eating cooked foods. When you consider the average American diet is 80% cooked food, there is a lot of lost nutrition and energy disappearing before cooked food even passes through our lips.

Picture of squashRaw foods are increasing in popularity. General health and well being, disease prevention and reversal, weight loss and maintenance, as well as environmental, philosophical and ethical reasons are motivating factors. Plant foods provide beneficial compounds including enzymes, phytochemicals, plant sterols, antioxidants, fiber and healthful fats. These compounds have anticancer, anti inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties. A raw food diet can be an effective therapeutic dietary treatment for diseases including rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease and obesity. Raw foods can be used for cleansing and healing.

Foods utilized in a raw food diet include fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, sprouts and sea veggies. Kitchen tools of the trade can include a dehydrator, juicer and blender. Soaking and sprouting are the best ways to remove enzyme inhibitors and release nutrition in foods. Juicing, blending and properly chewing food maximize the nutritional availability of our foods. Culturing foods builds healthy bacteria that help assimilate food and increase digestive tract health. Dehydrated foods concentrate nutrients and are filling to the belly.

It can be a challenge to meet all nutritional guidelines on a raw food diet. Educating yourself about nutrient content in your food is Colorful picture of local produceparamount. Supplementation is necessary in this regime especially vitamin B12 and vitamin D. High fat foods are necessary in moderation to aid in the absorption of fat soluble vitamins. These include avocados, nuts, seeds, and unrefined coconut oil and olive oil.

Moonflower Market has expanded its offerings of raw foods. We stock solely organic and local fresh fruits and vegetables for your raw food intake. Organic foods are compatible with a raw food diet. We carry bulk nuts, grains, seeds, unrefined oils, vinegars and sea vegetables. We have sprouting jars and screens.

Ready to eat raw foods are available in increasing amounts. Crackers, cookies, bars and cereals are available. Kathy’s Krackers(made in Utah), Go Raw cookies, crackers, and granola; Two moms in the raw, and Dr Flackers all have offerings available at the store.

Artisana nut butters are all raw and ready to eat. Trail bars by Raw Revolution, Pure, Lara, Bliss Bar and Organic Food Bars are raw choices. Kombucha drinks by High Country Kombucha, Kevita, and Synergy provide a refreshing raw cultured drink for increasing beneficial bacteria. Raw olives, honey, and even chocolate are available.

Whether you are looking for a temporary cleanse, to increase raw food intake, or transition to a fully raw diet for healing and digestive health there are lots of resources for you to tap into. Websites, and books including Victoria Boutenko Raw Family, Becoming Raw (Davis, Melina, Berry); and The Raw Truth by Jeremy Safron were used to research this article.

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