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The Healing Arts Center…


…a cooperative of experienced, nationally certified practitioners of therapeutic massage dedicated to helping you relax, renew and heal.

Centrally-located downtown at 50 East Center St.

Sarah Ball-Jacobsen, NCTMB, LMT
(435) 260-2238
Studio 4

Sarah offers integrative massage incorporating Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point and Sports massage to address pain, muscle dysfunction, joint immobility, headaches, backaches, stress and more.

Swedish: Therapeutic strokes such as gliding, rolling, kneading, and gentle percussion and stretching are used along with oils or lotion to improve circulation, relieve aches and pains, decrease stress, anxiety, and depression, enhance mental clarity, and improve flexibility.

Trigger Point: Focused pressure releases highly tender contractions in muscles alleviating pain, reducing stiffness and improving flexibility. Active trigger points are often a cause of muscular pain and refer pain or sensation to some other are of the body on application of pressure. Relieving these can have long-lasting results.

Deep Tissue: Deep, focused massage targets the muscles and fascia, lengthening chronically shortened muscle fibers, releasing areas of chronic stress due to misalignment, repetitive motion, and lingering injuries, returning the body to its natural state of alignment.

Ease of mind requires ease of movement! Whether you’re in pain, recovering from injury, suffering from stress or simply seeking to relax and pamper yourself, massage will improve your health, vitality, and quality of life.

Morning Glory Healing Arts- Lee Anne Truesdell, LMT
Healing Arts Center
50 E. Center St., Suite 6

In January 2013 Lee is excited to offer Awakening Passion, Purpose, and Possibility – Three Keys to a Fulfilling Life, a weekend retreat for women Jan. 18-20 at the Moab Arts and Recreation Center. This event invites you to take time for yourself, to gain clarity and renew your core. Step into a world of fresh possibility where passion infuses purpose, and purpose is aligned with what’s most important in your life. To create a life that feels better – more comfortable, more fun, more you. Together we will explore what makes you come alive, identify the positive qualities that make you uniquely who you are, connect this to a heartfelt purpose, identify the resources you need to succeed, and create the next steps that will help you move forward in positive, tangible, sustainable ways.

For details and registration call Lee @ 435-259-0302 or visit and click on Upcoming Events.

Lee also offers individual coaching, focusing on helping women live more comfortably in their bodies and more fully in their lives. Call her for a free introductory session and to find out about affordable coaching packages.

Lee continues to offer massage and bodywork, including Swedish, Shiatsu, Acupressure, and Reflexology. Whether your goal is to pamper yourself, release muscle pain and tension, balance and recharge your energy, or awaken your passion and purpose, Lee has just the right touch for you.

Lisa Albert, LMT Healing Bodywork
Nationally Certified ~ Studio 5

Helping you find the key to unlocking your healing process. Biking, hiking, too much driving or stressed out? You need a massage!
Massage for Sore Muscles and Pain: In a caring and calm environment, I will create a session especially for you that provides relaxation and relief from stress, sore muscles and sports related injuries. 16 years in practice.
Spinal Touch Alignment: For postural misalignment I use Spinal Touch, a gentle, polarity based treatment I may combine with Chinese Acupressure (Tuina) to give the body the information it needs to self correct. This is great for Sciatica as well as many other painful situations.
Bellanina Face Lift Massage: Deeply relaxing and luxuriously pampering, a Bellanina Face Lift Massage is a wonderful way to rejuvenate, tone and hydrate your face & neck. The finishing touches include: massage of shoulders, hands & feet. 435-260-9506

Moab's Spanish Valley Health Clinic

Dayna Hochevar is the newest addition to the San Juan Health Services District provider team. She is a certified physician assistant who graduated from the University of Colorado’s Child Health Associate/Physician Assistant program. Originally from Pueblo, Colorado, she recently moved to Monticello and has just experienced her first Utah snow and wind storm. Thankfully, she has decided to stay. Dayna was drawn to the area by the welcoming nature of its people and the unique landscapes that southeastern Utah offers. She enjoys hiking and is looking forward to exploring the region. She will be at the Spanish Valley Clinic on Fridays from 9 AM to 2 PM. She welcomes all walk-in patients, but has a particular interest in providing a comfortable and safe atmosphere while helping women meet the screening recommendations for cervical and breast cancer.

8th Annual Health Fair at the Grand Center

GET HEALTHY FROM YOUR ROOTS UP! On February 9, 2013 Moab Regional Hospital will host the Ninth Annual Community Health Fair at the Grand Center in Moab. The health fair offers members of the community an opportunity to meet healthcare professionals in a relaxed, fun atmosphere and leave with information regarding services available locally. Individual departments from the hospital provide the backbone of the fair through booths and other displays. This year the fair will run from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Moab Regional Hospital blood screening
Look below the surface and find out how healthy you are! Low-cost blood screening is available at Moab Regional Hospital Tuesday through Friday from 7am-11am from January 8th through February 8th. Results can be retrieved at the health fair on February 9th. Please be advised that test results will only be given to the individual who had the screening blood test. The test includes CMP, Lipid, TSH, CBC and A1C. The MRH laboratory provides a report of blood test results, which can then be taken to the person’s physician for follow up. Ordinarily the blood screening is nearly $400.00. Blood screens are available by appointment only and should be done after a 8 hour fast for the most accurate information. Call the lab at 719-3630 to take part in this great offer.

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