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Why yoga?

Jenna Woodbury practicing Pilates.
Jenna Woodbury practicing Pilates.

There are many benefits to practicing yoga including: stress relief, increased flexibility, mental health, increased strength, being able to tie your shoes, and the prevention and treatment of injuries. If you’ve never practiced yoga before it might seem a little weird at first. Perhaps you’ve seen pictures of tight bodies in tight clothing. Perhaps you’ve heard the term ‘down dog’ and wondered why you would want any part of that?

Yoga is available for all shapes, sizes, attitudes, and ages. They make yoga mats for kids now and you can find some vibrant looking 80 year olds that practice yoga, as well. A local triathlete was turned off from yoga because she was told there aren’t any winners (she was eventually seduced by the desire to touch her toes).

Angela Houghton
Angela Houghton

Moab Yoga has been in business for a little over a year but most of the teachers at Moab Yoga have been teaching in town for several moab yogayears. Studio owner, Angela Houghton, saw a need for a dedicated space to practice yoga in Moab. There are a variety of teachers and class times to accommodate different interests and experience levels. If you’re new to yoga or new to our studio we recommend trying a few different classes and/or teachers so you find what works best for you.

Moab Yoga offers classes seven days a week with the earliest class time being 7am on Tuesdays. We are also excited to be offering a Prenatal Yoga class on Thursdays at 4:30pm – experience with yoga is not necessary to participate in this class. In addition to yoga classes we also have a Pilates mat class on Monday mornings at 8:30am and a lunch time Core class on Tuesdays at Noon (the lunch core class is 45 minutes).

To get to know our teachers or for an up to date schedule of our classes and events please visit our website:

Yoga Basics
Designed for students new to yoga or for those who desire a slower paced class. We will explore basic yoga postures with an overview of the foundation while emphasizing alignment and breath.
All Levels
Open to all levels of students, with different options and modifications given to meet the individual needs of each student.
Yoga Rock
A challenging Vinyasa style class with music. Experience with alignment and breath important.
Bhakti Flow
This heart centered class explores meditation in movement and stillness to create a deeper awareness of body, mind and spirit. Classes include mantra and meditation.
Yoga for Athletes
Open to all levels, this class is designed to restore balance to our bodies with targeted strengthening and stretching.
Explore the space within with a practice that connects the tranquility of yin with the activity of yang. The first half of class will restore the joints and connect students with the breath. The class then transitions into a movement inspired Vinyasa flow.

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