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Getting to know Moab Physical Therapy and Rhonda Cowern, PT, DPT, Cert DN

Dr. Rhonda Cowern how long have you lived in Moab? Since 1999, initially guiding multi-day mountain bike tours. I continued my education at Western State College graduating with a Kinesiology and Exercise Science bachelors in 2004. I met my husband, T.J. Cowern in Moab and moved here officially in 2006.

Ronda CowernWhy physical therapy in Moab? We love the outdoors and I have always loved working with people; PT allows me to serve my community and enjoy its beauty.

What do you specialize in? Being in a rural setting I see a bit of everything including some very rare disorders. I offer aquatic therapy because the buoyancy reduces compressive forces in your joints and allows you to workout with less pain! I recently acquired my dry needling certification to offer intramuscular trigger point therapy in combination with other skilled physical therapy services.

How do you choose modalities? I am always looking for the latest technology or research articles to support my custom programs for each patient. I work with TMJ/jaw disorders, balance issues, post-operative rehabilitation, walking and running training, and more common general pain disorders.

What is one thing you can share about physical therapy that others may not know? Many people might not consider seeking a physical therapist when they decide to “get healthy.” I can provide an evaluation or fitness consultation to design a program to improve strength, flexibility, and function. My educational background is a perfect fit for testing cardio fitness, picking up on muscle imbalances, or postural deficits that may hinder your functional progress. I can even set up a training program to assist with weight loss goals! For any unanswered questions please call (435) 210-1985 or email at today.

Girl Scouts Learn More than Skin Care from Alicia Wright of Bella Sol Spa

The face we present to the world and our resulting self-image cannot be under estimated. It’s a sad truth that concerns about appearance can affect our ability to enjoy each day fully. This can especially be a worry for our young people. For this reason, Alicia Wright, from Bella Sol Spa (based in Moab @ 550 N. Main) is passionate about sharing the benefits of skin care and accountability to young adults.

Acne is something that plagues all of us at some point in our lives. Most of the time, we tackle a breakout with external products in hopes that the affliction goes away as quickly as possible. There is nothing like having to show up to an event with a giant “zit” leading the way and feeling like it enters the room before we do, even if it is only in our minds. If anyone has been affected by acne, there can be a feeling of powerlessness which can influence a lack of confidence in the way we show up in the world.

There are many causes for breakouts to take center stage in our lives: raging hormones, poor diet choices, food allergies, and wrong product selections to name a few. Alicia believes that the skin is a window into what is happening within the internal systems of the body. Using the Chinese face mapping model, she is able to see where the breakouts are manifesting on the face or body and estimate where an imbalance or inflammation is located internally. She explains that in order to change an external condition, we must be willing to look at what is causing it. Over the years she has noticed some main contributors for congestion in the skin.

One of her desires is to share tools and insights of the root causes of an imbalance rather than covering it up topically. Once we know how our skin is affected by what we put in our mouths, then we get to make a conscious choice. What is happening with our skin is no longer a mystery, we get to take back our power and be confident with our appearance. To support the internal recovery with a skin care regimen is the icing on the cake, literally.

Top of the line or over-the-counter products and medications can be purchased to treat the forsaken pimple, yet Alicia proposes that everything we need for skin care is within our kitchen. She has come up with a menu called “Face your Food” which takes the participant on a journey through their cupboard and brings an element of fun to the table. Alicia also explains that learning how to mask is one of the key elements to all skin care concerns and goals. Alicia was able to share with the Girl Scouts about skin care leading the 6th grader girls through a series of 7 skin care recipes fro cleansing, Toning, Exfoliating, Nourishing and Moisturizing their faces.

One scout went home, excited about the session. The mother reported, "She said it was fun, she came and told me which treatments I should do for me!"
Troop #2222 thanks Alicia Wright, owner of Bella Sol, for her time and leadership for this memorable and life long education.

Note: Alicia Wright is an Esthetician and has practiced in the skin care industry for over 11 years. Her opinions and experiences are not medically proven. She is not professing to know the solution for all skin care conditions rather she opts to share alternatives to treat the skin and remind us that beauty is on the inside!
Bella Sol Spa is offering a $25 teen facial to help clean out pores and set the stage for balanced skin care approach. Call 970.846.9997 for an appointment or visit Please mention that you read about it in the Moab Happenings.

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