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Sol Journeys... Moab’s newest retreat

Each adventure, lasting 4 days and 3 nights either on the river, backpacking through an ancestral charged zone, or integrating into the landscape without movement will encourage transformation on all levels.

A Sol Journey is an opportunity to take full responsibility for the process of awakening and healing, unplug from modern “tech” society, reestablish the primary connection to the natural order, and uncover the raw truth of the authentic self. This retreat is for those seeking answers to their question or a modality to explore meaningful interactions within a group dynamic.

Alicia Wright, creator and guide for Sol Journeys, also designed a manual to facilitate reconnection with the inner-life and how one relates to the bigger picture. As a complement to the desert retreat experience, her guidebook shares many tools to test in Nature’s classroom and ultimately apply to the participant's everyday life.

Here is an inside look at Alicia’s first Sol Journey Experience:
“To be honest, creating Sol Journeys in theory is one thing, anchoring it into reality by experiencing the formula first hand is a whole other adventure—not for the faint of heart. The wilderness is the best teacher and can bring us to our knees, literally. On my first backpacking trip ever, I was apprehensive that I had what it took to complete a twenty-mile journey with everything I needed upon my back.

“I am so grateful to have experienced the first Sol Journey with a competent friend who encouraged me along the way. Before we ventured into the great unknown I came across a quote by Mother Theresa which guided me through my challenging moments. I paraphrase: A sacrifice to be real must cost, must hurt, and must empty ourselves. Give yourself fully to Earth (God). She will use you to accomplish great things on the condition that you believe much more in her LOVE than in your weakness.

“With blisters on my feet and knees sore, I kept my sight on the path in front of me, one step at a time, each one taking my full attention. My trusted walking stick was my sturdy companion through it all. Sol Journeys invoked deep contemplation and insight while I took photos of the most amazing vistas, leaving only footprints. I am grateful beyond words for everything I received in canyon country with the Ancient Ones. I am forever changed. I look forward to see how Sol Journeys will continue to unfold and expand!”

Alicia’s Sol Journeys guidebook is now available at Canyonlands Copy Center. For more information, check out her website:

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Lifeline Program at Moonflower Coop
by Cactus Moloney
Moonflower Community Cooperative is now offering the Lifeline Program, introducing organic and natural food selections that are affordable for everyone.

The Lifeline program is designed to provide a selection of natural food products throughout Moonflower Community Cooperative priced lower than what they would be with our standard product mark-up. Just look for the yellow tags and you will see the savings!

Lifeline pricing will be the same as special order pricing. Special order discounts on cases or bulk quantities has been the primary way we help folks get their food at a lower cost. The Lifeline Program extends a similar savings of a 1.15 markup to people on a regular basis.

The focus will be on basic, organic non-processed food. It will include items suitable for gluten-free and low salt diets, and for diabetics.

Save money while buying the staples for your home cooking; Rolled Oats, Brown Rice, Soymilk, Strawberry Spread, Tortilla chips, oranges, bananas, whole grain noodles, salsa, grass milk, cereal, eggs, local yogurt and the list goes on!

Take a moment the next time you are the store to look at the Co-op News board and check out the Lifeline display board showing all the amazing affordable products Moonflower has added to the Lifeline Program.

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